General and Flag Officer Promotions

A general officer in the Army is promoted.

Promotions in the military are rigorous and never assumed.  Across all branches of the U.S. Armed forces there are high standards for both officers and enlisted service members who are aiming for a promotion.  Promotions within the officer ranks are especially fierce, as these men and women have higher amounts of responsibility and their decisions … Read more

Flag Officers

Retirement and flag ceremony

The term Flag Officer is more common within the Navy and Coast Guard rank structure and is used to identify service members who have reached the rank of Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, and Rear Admiral Lower Half. Within the U.S. military there are both enlisted service members, and service members that hold officer ranks.  … Read more

Difference Between General Officers and Flag Officers

The general officer oath

The most senior officers in the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps are known as general officers. The most senior officers in the Navy are known as flag officers. The phrase “general and flag officers” or “GFO” refers to all officers in paygrades O-7 through O-10, thereby including onestar, two-star, three-star, and four-star officers. The … Read more

Command Senior Enlisted Leaders

Command Senior Enlisted Leaders

Senior Enlisted Leaders (SEL) in the U.S. Armed Forces are high ranking enlisted service members that form the critical link between the enlisted service men and women and their commanding officer. Senior Enlisted Leaders often hold the military paygrade of E-9 and above and are responsible for keeping the commanding officer and/or executive officer informed … Read more