Military Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms

Military Abbreviations, Acronyms, & InitialismsList of official DOD abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms which encompass the joint activity of the Armed Forces of the United States. This list is approved Department of Defense (DOD) terminology for general use by all DOD components.

Official DOD Shortened Word Forms

A&Panalysis and production
A1director of manpower, personnel, and services (USAF)
A-2intelligence staff officer (USAF)
A-3operations directorate (COMAFFOR staff); operations staff officer (USAF)
A4director of logistics, engineering, and force protection (USAF)
A-5plans directorate (COMAFFOR staff)
A-6communications staff officer (USAF)
A-7director of installations and mission support (USAF)
AAassessment agent; avenue of approach
AA&Earms, ammunition, and explosives
AAAantiaircraft artillery; arrival and assembly area
AABBAmerican Association of Blood Banks
AACactivity address code
AACGarrival airfield control group
AADCarea air defense commander
AADParea air defense plan
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFSamphibious assault fuel system
AAGaeronautical assignment group
AAGSArmy air-ground system
AAMair-to-air missile
AAMDCArmy air and missile defense command
AAOGarrival and assembly operations group
AAPAllied administrative publication
AARafter action report; after action review; air-to-air refueling area
AATCCamphibious air traffic control center
AAVamphibious assault vehicle
ABair base
ABCAAmerican, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand
ABCSArmy Battle Command System
ABCTarmored brigade combat team
ABFCadvanced base functional component
ABFDSaerial bulk fuel delivery system
ABGDair base ground defense
ABIactivity-based intelligence
ABLairborne laser
ABLTSamphibious bulk liquid transfer system
ABPair battle plan
ACActive Component
AC2airspace command and control
ACAairlift clearance authority; airspace control authority; airspace coordination area
ACBamphibious construction battalion
ACCAir Combat Command; area coordination center
ACCEair component coordination element
ACDautomated cargo documentation
ACEAllied Command Europe; aviation combat element (USMC)
ACEOIautomated communications-electronics operating instructions
ACINTacoustic intelligence
ACLallowable cabin load
ACMairspace coordinating measure
ACOadministrative contracting officer; airspace control order
ACOSassistant chief of staff
ACPairspace control plan; Allied communications publication
ACSair-capable ship; airspace control system
ACSAacquisition and cross-servicing agreement
ACTadvance civilian team; Allied Command Transformation
ACUassault craft unit
ADair defense; area denial; automatic distribution
ADAair defense artillery; Antideficiency Act
A/DACGarrival/departure airfield control group
ADAFCOair defense artillery fire control officer
ADAMair defense airspace management
ADAM/BAEair defense airspace management/brigade aviation element
ADAMSAllied Deployment and Movement System
ADCair defense commander; area damage control
ADCONadministrative control
ADCSair defense coordination section
ADEairdrop damage estimate
ADIZair defense identification zone
ADMair defense measure
ADOSactive duty for operational support
ADPArmy doctrine publication; automated data processing
ADRairfield damage repair
ADRPArmy doctrine reference publication
ADSair defense section; air defense sector; amphibian discharge site; authoritative data source
ADUSD(TP)Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Transportation Policy
ADVONadvanced echelon
ADWCair defense warning condition
ADZamphibious defense zone
AEaeromedical evacuation; assault echelon
AECAArms Export Control Act
AECTaeromedical evacuation control team
AEFair expeditionary force
AEGair expeditionary group
AEHFadvanced extremely high frequency
AELTaeromedical evacuation liaison team
AEODPallied explosive ordnance disposal publication
AEODPSAutomated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Publication System
AEOTaeromedical evacuation operations team
AESCaeromedical evacuation support cell
AETCAir Education and Training Command
AETFair expeditionary task force
AEWairborne early warning
AFAir Force; Air Force (form); amphibious force
AF/A2Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
AFAPDAir Force Applications Program Development
AFARNAir Force air request net
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFBAir Force base
AFCAPAir Force contract augmentation program
AFCCAir Force Component Commander
AFCECAir Force Civil Engineer Center
AFCEEAir Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
AFCESAAir Force Civil Engineering Support Agency
AFDAAir Force doctrine annex
AFDDAir Force doctrine document
AFEArmed Forces Entertainment
AFFORAir Force forces
AFHAir Force handbook
AFHSBArmed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (DHA)
AFHSCArmed Forces Health Surveillance Center
AFIAir Force instruction
AFIAAAir Force Intelligence Analysis Agency
AFICAAir Force Installation Contracting Agency
AFIPArmed Forces Institute of Pathology
AFISAmerican Forces Information Service
AFISRAAir Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency
AFJIAir Force joint instruction
AFLEAir Force liaison element
AFMANAir Force manual
AFMCAir Force Materiel Command
AFMEArmed Forces Medical Examiner
AFMESArmed Forces Medical Examiner System
AFMSAir Force Medical Service
AFNORTHAir Force North
AFOadvance force operations
AFOEassault follow-on echelon
AFOSIAir Force Office of Special Investigations
AFOSIMANAir Force Office of Special Investigations manual
AFPAMAir Force pamphlet
AFPCAir Force Personnel Center
AFPDAir Force policy directive
AFRAir Force Reserve
AFRATAir Force Radiation Assessment Team
AFRCAir Force Reserve Command
AFRCCAir Force Rescue Coordination Center
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
AFRRIArmed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
AFRTSAmerican Forces Radio and Television Service
AFSBafloat forward staging base; Army field support brigade
AFSCArmy Field Support Center
AFSCNAir Force Satellite Control Network
AFSMOAir Force Spectrum Management Office
AFSOACAir Force special operations air component
AFSOADAir Force special operations air detachment
AFSOAEAir Force special operations air element
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command
AFSOFAir Force special operations forces
AFSPCAir Force Space Command
AFSTRATAir Forces Strategic
AFTACAir Force Technical Applications Center
AFTRANSAir Forces Transportation
AFTTPAir Force tactics, techniques, and procedures
AFTTP(I)Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures (instruction)
AFWAir Force Weather
AFWAAir Force Weather Agency
AGILEAdvanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment
AGLabove ground level
AGOAustralian Geospatial-Intelligence Organization
AGSaviation ground support
AGTAutomated Global Force Management Tool
AHattack helicopter
AHAalert holding area
AHDantihandling device
AIacquisition instruction; air interdiction
AIDSacquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AIMDaircraft intermediate maintenance department
AIMTair interdiction of maritime targets
AIPaeronautical information publication
AIRCORair corridor
AIRSUPREQair support request
AISautomated information system
AITautomated information technology; automatic identification technology
AJAannual joint assessment
AJBPOarea joint blood program office
AJDallied joint doctrine
AJODWGallied joint operations doctrine working group
AJPAllied joint publication
AKRCCAlaska Rescue Coordination Center
ALARAas low as reasonably achievable
ALCFairlift control flight
ALCMair-launched cruise missile
ALCOMUnited States Alaskan Command
ALCTairlift control team
ALDavailable-to-load date
ALEPamphibious lift enhancement program
ALERTORDalert order
ALLOREQallocation request
ALNammunition lot number
ALOair liaison officer
ALOCair line of communications
ALPAllied logistic publication
ALSAAir Land Sea Application (Center)
ALSEaviation life support equipment
ALSSadvanced logistic support site
ALTacquisition, logistics, and technology
ALTRValtitude reservation
AMamplitude modulation
AMCairborne mission coordinator; Air Mobility Command
AMCCallied movement coordination center
AMCMairborne mine countermeasures
AMC/SGXMAir Mobility Command/Command Surgeon’s Office
AMCTair mobility control team
AMDair and missile defense; air mobility division
AMDCair and missile defense commander
AMedPAllied medical publication
AMEMBAmerican Embassy
AMETLagency mission-essential task list
AMHSautomated message handling system
AMLOair mobility liaison officer
AMOCAir and Marine Operations Center (DHS)
AMOGair mobility operations group
AMOSair mobility operations squadron
AMOWair mobility operations wing
AMPanalysis of mobility platform
AMP-PATanalysis of mobility platform suite of port analysis tools
AMSAerial Measuring System (DOE); air mobility squadron; Asset Management System
AMS-TACAutomated Manifesting System–Tactical
AMTaerial mail terminal
amuatomic mass unit
AMXair mobility express
ANGAir National Guard
ANGLICOair-naval gunfire liaison company
ANRAlaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AN/VRCArmy Navy vehicle radio communications
ANZUSAustralia-New Zealand-United States Treaty
AOaction officer; air officer; area of operations
AOAamphibious objective area
AOCair operations center
AODair operations directive
AODBair operations database
AOFazimuth of fire
AOGArmy Operations Group
AOIarea of interest
AORarea of responsibility
AOSaircraft on station
AOTRaviation operational threat response
APallied publication; antipersonnel
APANAll Partners Access Network
APEairfield pavement evaluation
APEXAdaptive Planning and Execution
APFafloat pre-positioning force
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)
APLantipersonnel land mine
APOArmy post office
APODaerial port of debarkation
APOEaerial port of embarkation
APPallied procedural publication
APSArmy pre-positioned stocks
APS-3Army pre-positioned stocks-3
APTDaircraft position target designation
APUauxiliary power unit
ARair refueling; Army regulation
ARCair Reserve Components; American Red Cross
ARCENTUnited States Army Central Command
ARCTair refueling control team
ARDECUnited States Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
ARFORArmy forces
ARGAccident Response Group (DOE); amphibious ready group
ARMair reference measure; antiradiation missile
ARNGArmy National Guard
ARSacute radiation syndrome
ARSOFArmy special operations forces
ARSSTArmy space support team
ARTYMETartillery meteorological
ASA(ALT)Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
ASAPas soon as possible
ASBPArmed Services Blood Program
ASBPOArmed Services Blood Program Office
ASCArmy Sustainment Command
ASCCArmy Service component command; Army Service component commander
ASCOPEareas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and events
ASCSair support control section
ASD(GSA)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs
ASD(HA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)
ASD(HD&ASA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs)
ASD(HD&GS)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Homeland Defense and Global Security)
ASD(NII)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration)
ASD(OEPP)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs
ASD(RA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
ASD(S)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
ASD(SO/LIC)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low- Intensity Conflict
ASD(SO/LIC&IC)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict and Interdependent Capabilities
ASGAllied System for Geospatial Intelligence
ASICAir and Space Interoperability Council
ASLTair support liaison team; assault support landing table
ASMair-to-surface missile; Army Spectrum Manager
ASMOArmy Spectrum Management Office
ASN(RD&A)Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition
ASOCair support operations center
ASOGair support operations group
ASOSair support operations squadron
ASPammunition supply point
A-SpaceAnalytic Space
ASPROffice of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (DHHS)
ASRair support request
ASWantisubmarine warfare
ASWCantisubmarine warfare commander
ATAantiterrorism assistance
ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATCair traffic control
ATCMair traffic control measure
ATCSair traffic control section
ATEPAntiterrorism Enterprise Portal
ATFamphibious task force; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (DOJ)
ATIasset target interaction
ATOair tasking order; antiterrorism officer
ATOCair terminal operations center
ATPadvanced targeting pod; Allied tactical publication; Army tactical publication; Army technical publication; Army techniques publication
ATSD(PA)Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
ATSDRAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (DHHS)
ATTPArmy tactics, techniques, and procedures
AUAfrican Union
AUFairborne use of force
AUSCANNZUKUSAustralian, Canadian, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States
AVasset visibility
AVCBureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance (DOS)
AVCALaviation consolidated allowance list
AVGASaviation gasoline
AVLanti-vehicle land mine
AVSasset validation system
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
AWGAsymmetric Warfare Group (USA)
AWNISAllied Worldwide Navigational Information System
AWOLabsent without leave
AXOabandoned explosive ordnance
BAEbrigade aviation element
BAHbasic allowance for housing
BALObattalion air liaison officer
BALSberthing and loading schedule
BASbasic allowance for subsistence
bblbarrel (42 US gallons)
BCAborder crossing authority
BCCbattle control center
BCDbattlefield coordination detachment (USA)
BCGbeach control group
BCLbattlefield coordination line
BCOCbase cluster operations center
BCTbrigade combat team
BDbarge derrick
BDAbattle damage assessment
BDAREPbattle damage assessment report
BDCblood donor center
BDOCbase defense operations center
BDRbattle damage repair
BDZbase defense zone
BEbasic encyclopedia
BEARbase expeditionary airfield resources (USAF); basic expeditionary airfield resources
BEBbrigade engineer battalion
BEIbiometrics-enabled intelligence
BESTborder enforcement security task force
BEWLbiometric-enabled watchlist
BIbattle injury
BIAbehavioral influences analysis
BIARbiometric intelligence analysis report
BIASBattlefield Illumination Assistance System
BICESbattlefield information collection and exploitation system (NATO)
BICONdouble container
BIFSBorder Intelligence Fusion Section (DHS)
BIIbase information infrastructure
BIMABiometrics Identity Management Agency
BISBureau of Industry and Security (DOC)
BKBblue kill box
BLCPbeach lighterage control point
BLMBureau of Land Management
BLOSbeyond line-of-sight
BLTbattalion landing team
BMballistic missile; beach module
BMCTbegin morning civil twilight
BMDballistic missile defense
BMDSballistic missile defense system
BMETbiomedical electronics technician
BMNTbegin morning nautical twilight
BMUbeachmaster unit
BOAbasic ordering agreement
BOCbomb on coordinate
BOGbeach operations group
BOSbase operating support
BOS-Ibase operating support-integrator
BOSSbase operating support service
BOTbomb on target
BPbattle position
BPAblanket purchase agreement
BPCbuilding partnership capacity
BPGbeach party group
BPLANbase plan
bpsbits per second
BPTbeach party team
BRACEBase Resource and Capability Estimator
BSAbeach support area; brigade support area
BSBbrigade support battalion
BSCbehavioral science consultant
BSIbase support installation
BSRPbureau strategic resource plan
BSZbase security zone
BTCblood transshipment center
BTUbeach termination unit
BTWCBiological and Toxin Weapons Convention
BVRbeyond visual range
BWbiological warfare
BWCBiological Weapons Convention
BZbuffer zone
C&Ecommunications and electronics
C&LATcargo and loading analysis table
C2command and control
C2CREcommand and control chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response element
C2Scommand and control support
C-2Xcoalition Intelligence Directorate counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
C3command, control, and communications
C3Icommand, control, communications, and intelligence
C4Icommand, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
C4Scommand, control, communications, and computer systems
CAchaplain assistant; civil administration; civil affairs; combat assessment; coordinating altitude; credibility assessment; criticality assessment
CAAcombat aviation advisor; command arrangement agreement
CAAFcontractors authorized to accompany the force
CABcommander’s assessment board
CACcommon access card
CACOMcivil affairs command
CADCanadian air division; contract administration delegation
CADScontainerized ammunition distribution system
CAFCanadian Air Force; combat air forces; commander, airborne/air assault force; commander, amphibious force; Conflict Assessment Framework (USAID)
CAGcivil affairs group
CAGOcontractor-acquired, government-owned
CAIScivil authority information support
CAISEcivil authority information support element
CALcaliber; critical asset list
CALCMconventional air-launched cruise missile
CALICScommunication, authentication, location, intentions, condition, and situation
CAMOCCaribbean Air and Marine Operations Center
CAMPSConsolidated Air Mobility Planning System
CANRCanadian North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
CANUSCanada-United States
CANUS BDDCanada-United States Basic Defense Document
CANUS CDPCanada-United States Combined Defense Plan
CAOchief administrative officer; civil affairs operations; controlled asset operation
CAOCcombined air operations center
CAPCivil Air Patrol; civil assistance plan; civil augmentation program; combat air patrol
CAPMcredibility assessment program manager
CAPTcivil affairs planning team
CARAchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives analytical and remediation activity
CARECooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CAREUSA)
CARPcomputed air release point
CARVERcriticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, and recognizability
CASclose air support
CASEVACcasualty evacuation
CASFcontingency aeromedical staging facility
CATcategory; civil affairs team; crisis action team
CATFcommander, amphibious task force
CBCPCustoms and Border Clearance Program (DOD)
CBECContingency Basing Executive Council
CBGcoalition building guide
CBIRFChemical-Biological Incident Response Force
CBMUconstruction battalion maintenance unit
CBPcapabilities-based planning; Customs and Border Protection (DHS)
CBRchemical, biological, and radiological
CBRNchemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear
CBRNEchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives (USA/NGB/USCG)
CBSACanadian Border Services Agency
CbTcombating terrorism
CCcomponent commander; critical capability
CCAclose combat attack; combat cargo assistant; contract construction agent
CCAScontingency contract administration services
CCATTcritical care air transport team
CCBconfiguration control board
CCCcoalition coordination center
CCDcamouflage, concealment, and deception
CCDBconsolidated counterdrug database
CCDRcombatant commander
CCEBCombined Communications-Electronics Board
CCGcombat communications group
CCICAcommand counterintelligence coordinating authority
CCIFCombatant Commander Initiative Fund
CCIPcontinuously computed impact point
CCIRcommander’s critical information requirement
CCLIcommerce control list item
CCMDcombatant command
CCMFCyber Combat Mission Force
CCOcentral control officer; combat cargo officer; container control officer; contingency contracting officer
CCPcasualty collection point; combatant command campaign plan; consolidated cryptologic program; consolidation and containerization point
CCRclosed circuit refueling
C-CScommunication and computer systems
CCScentral control ship; commander’s communication synchronization; core capability set
CCTcombat control team
CCTVclosed circuit television
CCW1980 United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons
CDcompact disc; counterdrug; customer direct
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (DHHS)
CDDchemical decontamination detachment
CDEcollateral damage estimation
CDEMACaribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
CDHAMCenter for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine
CDIcargo disposition instructions
CDIOcollateral duty intelligence officer
CDIPcombined defense improvement project
CDIPOcounterdrug intelligence preparation for operations
CDMcollateral damage methodology
CDOcommander, detainee operations
CDOPScounterdrug operations
CDPcommander’s dissemination policy
CDRAFNORTHCommander, Air Force North
CDRAFSOFcommander, Air Force special operations forces
CDRJSOTFcommander, joint special operations task force
CDRNORADCommander, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CDRTSOCcommander, theater special operations command
CDRUSAFRICOMCommander, United States Africa Command
CDRUSARNORTHCommander, United States Army, North
CDRUSCENTCOMCommander, United States Central Command
CDRUSCYBERCOMCommander, United States Cyber Command
CDRUSELEMNORADCommander, United States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command
CDRUSEUCOMCommander, United States European Command
CDRUSINDOPACOMCommander, United States Indo-Pacific Command
CDRUSNORTHCOMCommander, United States Northern Command
CDRUSSOCOMCommander, United States Special Operations Command
CDRUSSOUTHCOMCommander, United States Southern Command
CDRUSSTRATCOMCommander, United States Strategic Command
CDRUSTRANSCOMCommander, United States Transportation Command
CDSChief of Defence Staff (Canada); container delivery system
CDSOcounterdrug support office
CEcircular error; command element (USMC); communications-electronics; core element; counterespionage
CEAcaptured enemy ammunition
CEBcombat engineer battalion
CECcivil engineer corps
CECOMcommunications-electronics command
CEEcaptured enemy equipment
CEHCCounter Explosive Hazards Center (USA)
CELLEXcellular exploitation
CEMIRTcivil engineer maintenance, inspection, and repair team
CENTRIXSCombined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
CEOIcommunications-electronics operating instructions
CEPChairman’s Exercise Program
CERFCentral Emergency Revolving Fund (UN)
CERFPchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives enhanced response force package
CERPCommanders’ Emergency Response Program
CERTcomputer emergency response team; contingency engineering response team
CEWcivilian expeditionary workforce
CEXCcombined explosives exploitation cell
CFcarrier furnished; causeway ferry; conventional forces
CFAcritical factors analysis
CFACCcombined force air component commander
CFBCanadian forces base
CFCCombined Forces Command, Korea
CF-COPcounterfire common operational picture
CFLcoordinated fire line
CFLCCcoalition forces land component commander
CFOchief financial officer
CFPMcauseway ferry power module
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFSTcoalition forces support team
CGCoast Guard; commanding general
CG-652Coast Guard Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Policy Division
CGCGCoast Guard Cryptologic Group
CGCISCoast Guard Counterintelligence Service
CGDEFORCoast Guard defense force
CGICCCoast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center
CGISUnited States Coast Guard Investigative Service
CGPCoast Guard publication
CGTTPCoast Guard tactics, techniques, and procedures
CHcontingency hospital
CHBcargo-handling battalion
CHCSSChief, Central Security Service
CHDcounterintelligence and human intelligence detachment
CHEcargo-handling equipment; container handling equipment
CHRPcontaminated human remains pouch
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIAPCentral Intelligence Agency program
CIBcombined information bureau; controlled image base
CICcombat information center
CICAcounterintelligence coordinating authority
CICRcounterintelligence collection requirement
CIDcombat identification
CIDNECombined Information Data Network Exchange
CIEcollaborative information environment; cultural intelligence element
CIEAclassification, identification, and engagement area
C-IEDcounter-improvised explosive device
C-IEDTFcounter-improvised explosive device task force
CIFAcounterintelligence field activity
CI/KRcritical infrastructure and key resources
CILcommand information library; critical information list; critical item list
CIMcivil information management; compartmented information management
CIMICcivil-military cooperation
CINcargo increment number
CIOchief information officer; command intelligence officer
CIOCcounterintelligence operations cell
CIOTAcounterintelligence operational tasking authority
CIPcritical infrastructure protection
CIRTCollaborative Issue Resolution Tool
CIScommon item support
CISARcatastrophic incident search and rescue
CISDcritical incident stress debriefing
CISOcounterintelligence staff office
CITEcomputer intrusion technical exploitation
CITPcounter-improvised explosive device targeting program
CIVMARcivil service mariner
CIVPOLcivilian police
CJ-4combined-joint logistics officer
CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSIChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction
CJCSMChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual
CJDAcritical joint duty assignment
CJEcomponent joint data networks operations officer equivalent
CJEODCcombined joint explosive ordnance disposal cell
CJFCcombined joint force commander
CJLOTScombined joint logistics over-the-shore
CJMABCentral Joint Mortuary Affairs Board
CJOCCanadian Joint Operations Command
CJSARTCriminal Justice Sector Assessment Rating Tool
CJSMPTCoalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool
CJTFcombined joint task force (NATO); commander, joint task force
C-JWICSContainerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
CLcontingency location; coordination level
CLAcritical logistics asset; landing craft, air cushion launch area
CLASSRONclass squadron
CLBcombat logistics battalion
CLDPCommercial Law Development Program
CLFcombat logistics force; commander, landing force
CLIAClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988
CLIPClinical Laboratory Improvement Program
CLMLcontingency location master list
CLPSBcombatant commander logistics procurement support board
CLRcombat logistics regiment
CLScontractor logistics support
CLTcivil liaison team
CLZcushion landing zone; landing craft, air cushion landing zone
CMChairman’s memorandum; collection manager; combination module; countermine; cruise missile
CMAcollection management authority
CMAAcooperative military airlift agreement
CMAOCCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
CMATconsequence management advisory team
CMCCommandant of the Marine Corps; Office of Civilian- Military Cooperation (USAID)
CMCBcivil-military coordination board
CMCCcombined movement coordination center
CMDcruise missile defense
CMDOcommand military deception officer
CMEcivil-military engagement
CMFCyber Mission Force
CMMOffice of Conflict Management and Mitigation (USAID)
CMMAcollection management mission application
CMOcivil-military operations; collection management office(r)
CMOCcargo movement operations center; civil-military operations center
CMOScargo movement operations system; Cargo Movement Operations System (USAF)
CMPcontractor management plan
CMPFcommander, maritime pre-positioning force
CMSEcivil-military support element
CMSTconsequence management support team
CMTcombat mission team
C-NAFcomponent numbered air force
CNBGcommander, naval beach group
CNCCrime and Narcotics Center (CIA)
CNCIComprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative
CNEcomputer network exploitation
CNGBChief, National Guard Bureau
CNGBIChief, National Guard Bureau instruction
CNICCommander, Navy Installations Command
CNMclassified notice to mariners
CNMFCyber National Mission Force
CNMF-HQCyber National Mission Force Headquarters
CNMICommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
CNMOCCommander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
CNOChief of Naval Operations
CNRcombat net radio
CNWDIcritical nuclear weapons design information
COcommanding officer; cyberspace operations
COAcourse of action
COBcontingency operating base
COCcombat operations center
CoCCode of Conduct
COCOcontractor-owned, contractor-operated
COCOMcombatant command (command authority)
CODcarrier onboard delivery; combat operations division
COEcommon operating environment; concept of employment
COEDMHACenter for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (USPACOM)
COFchief of fires; conduct of fire
COGcenter of gravity; continuity of government
COIcommunity of interest
COICcounter-improvised explosive device operations integration center; Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations/Intelligence Integration Center (JIEDDO)
CO-IPEcyberspace operations-integrated planning element
COLDScargo offload and discharge system
COLISEUMcommunity on-line intelligence system for end-users and managers
COLPROcollective protection
COLSconcept of logistics support
COLTcombat observation and lasing team
COMchief of mission; collection operations management
COMAFFORcommander, Air Force forces
COMAFSOACcommander, Air Force special operations air component
COMALOCcommercial air line of communications
COMARFORcommander, Army forces
COMCAMcombat camera
COMDTINSTCommandant instruction (USCG)
COMFLTCYBERCOMCommander, Fleet Cyber Command
COMINEWARCOMCommander, Mine Warfare Command
COMINTcommunications intelligence
COMLANTAREACOGARDCommander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area
COMMARFORcommander, Marine Corps forces
COMNAVELSGCommander, Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group
COMNAVFORcommander, Navy forces
COMNAVMETOCCOMCommander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
COMNAVSURFLANTCommander, Naval Surface Force, Atlantic
COMNAVSURFPACCommander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific
COMNETcommunications network
COMPACAFCommander, Pacific Air Forces
COMPACAREACOGARDCommander, Coast Guard Pacific Area
COMPASSComputerized Movement Planning and Status System
COMSCCommander, Military Sealift Command
COMSCINSTCommander, Military Sealift Command instruction
COMSECcommunications security
COMSTATcommunications status
COMSUBLANTCommander Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBPACCommander Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet
COMTENTHFLTCommander, Tenth Fleet
COMUSFLTFORCOMCommander, United States Fleet Forces Command
COMUSNAVNORTHCommander, United States Naval Forces, Northern Command
COMUSPACFLTCommander, United States Pacific Fleet
CONCAPconstruction capabilities contract (USN); construction capabilities contract program
CONEXcontainer express
CONOPSconcept of operations
CONPLANconcept plan; operation plan in concept format
CONRcontinental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command Region
CONUScontinental United States
COOPcontinuity of operations
COPcommon operational picture
CORcontracting officer representative
CORIVRONcoastal riverine squadron
COSchief of staff
COSCcombat and operational stress control
COSMICNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security category
COSRcombat and operational stress reactions
COTcommanding officer of troops
COTPcaptain of the port
COTScargo offload and transfer system; commercial off-the-shelf
CPcommand post; contact point; control point; counterproliferation
CPDcombat plans division
CPFCyber Protection Force
CPGContingency Planning Guidance
CPOchief petty officer
CPTcyberspace protection team
CPUcentral processing unit
CRcivil reconnaissance; critical requirement
CRAcontinuing resolution authority; coordinating review authority
CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
C-R  AMcounter-rocket, artillery, mortar
CRBMclose-range ballistic missile
CRCCivilian Response Corps (DOS); coastal riverine company; control and reporting center; crisis reaction center
CRDchemical reconnaissance detachment
CREcontingency response element
CREAPERCommunications and Radar Electronic Attack Planning Effectiveness Reference
CREstTCasualty Rate Estimation Tool
CREWcounter radio-controlled improvised explosive device electronic warfare
CRFcoastal riverine force; contingency response force
CRGcontingency response group
CRIFcargo routing information file
CRMcollection requirements management; comment resolution matrix
CRMxcollection requirements matrix
CROcombat rescue officer
CROPcommon relevant operational picture
CRRCcombat rubber raiding craft
CRScoastal riverine squadron
CRSGcountry reconstruction and stabilization group
CRSPcentralized receiving and shipping point
CRTchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives response team; contingency response team
CRTScasualty receiving and treatment ship
CRWcontingency response wing
CScall sign; circuit switch; combat support; critical source
CS&COffice of Cybersecurity and Communications (DHS)
CSAcombat support agency
CSARcombat search and rescue
CSBcontracting support brigade
CSB (MEB)combat support brigade (maneuver enhancement brigade)
CSCconvoy support center; International Convention for Safe Containers
CSCScountry-specific security cooperation section
CSEcombat support equipment; contingency support element; cyberspace support element
CSELcombat survivor evader locator; command senior enlisted leader
CSGcarrier strike group; cryptologic services group; Cryptologic Support Group
CSIPcontract support integration plan
CSLcooperative security location
CSNPcauseway section, nonpowered
CSOBureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (DOS); Center for Special Operations (USSOCOM); contractor support to operations
CSORcontract statement of requirement
CSPcampaign support plan; career sea pay; causeway section, powered; contracting support plan
CSSCentral Security Service (NSA); combat service support
CSSAcombat service support area
CSSAMOcombat service support automation management office
CSSBcombat sustainment support battalion
C-S  SEconsolidated satellite communications system expert
CSSMcontracted support synchronization matrix
CSSPcybersecurity service provider
CSSTcombat service support team
CSTcombat support team
CSWcoordinate seeking weapons
CTcomputed tomography; counterterrorism; country team
CTAcommon table of allowance
CTAFcounterterrorism analytical framework
CTBTComprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty
CTCcargo transfer company (USA)
CTDBcombating terrorism database
CTEcritical target element
CTEPcombined training and education plan
CTFcommander, task force; counter threat finance
CTF IAMDcommander, task force integrated air and missile defense
CTFPCombating Terrorism Fellowship Program
CTIPcombating trafficking in persons
CTKBcombating terrorism knowledge base
CTLcandidate target list
CTNcountering threat networks
CTPcommon tactical picture
CTRcooperative threat reduction
CTScommodity tracking system; Contingency Tracking System; controlled technical services
CTUcommander, task unit
C-UAScounter-unmanned aircraft system
CUIcontrolled unclassified information
CULcommon-user logistics
CULTcommon-user land transportation
CVaircraft carrier; critical vulnerability
CVEcountering violent extremism
CVNaircraft carrier, nuclear
CVScommercial vendor services
CVWcarrier air wing
CWchemical warfare; continuous wave
CWAchemical warfare agent
CWCChemical Weapons Convention; composite warfare commander
CWGcounterdeception working group
CWMDcountering weapons of mass destruction
CWPcauseway pier
CWTcustomer wait time
CYcalendar year
D&Ddenial and deception
D&Fdeterminations and findings
D&Mdetection and monitoring
D3Adecide, detect, deliver, and assess
DADepartment of the Army; direct action; Directorate for Mission Services (DIA); double agent
DA&MDirector of Administration and Management
DAAdesignated approving authority
DAADCdeputy area air defense commander
DAASdefense automatic addressing system
DABDefense Acquisition Board
DACDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) counterintelligence and security activity; Development Assistance Committee (OECD)
DACASdigitally aided close air support
DACGdeparture airfield control group
DACOdirective authority for cyberspace operations
DAFDepartment of the Air Force
DAFLdirective authority for logistics
DALdefended asset list
DALISDisaster Assistance Logistics Information System
DALSdowned aviator locator system
DAOdefense attaché office
DARDefense Acquisition Regulation
DARTdisaster assistance response team
DASdeep air support (USMC)
DASCdirect air support center
DASC(A)direct air support center (airborne)
DASD(CN&GT)Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Counternarcotics and Global Threats
DASD(PS)Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Program Support)
DATTdefense attaché
DAWIADefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DBDBdigital bathymetric database
DBDB-Vdigital bathymetric database variable
DBIDSDefense Biometric Identification System
DBSMCDefense Business Systems Management Committee
DBSSDefense Blood Standard System
DBTdesign basis threat
DC3Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center
DCDeputies Committee; direct current; dislocated civilian
DCADefense Cooperation Agreements; defensive counterair
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCAMDefense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) customer assistance module
DCAPESDeliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments
DCCCdefense collection coordination center
DCEdefense coordinating element
D-celldeployment cell
DCGSdistributed common ground/surface system
DCGS-Adistributed common ground system-Army
DCGS-MCdistributed common ground/surface system Marine Corps
DCHABureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (USAID)
DCHCDefense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center
DCIdefense critical infrastructure; Director of Central Intelligence
D/CIADirector, Central Intelligence Agency
DCIDDirector of Central Intelligence directive
DCIPDefense Critical Infrastructure Program
DCISEDefense Industrial Base Collaborative Information Sharing Environment
DCJTFdeputy commander, joint task force
DCMdefense collection manager; deputy chief of mission
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCMEDefense Collection Management Enterprise
DCNODeputy Chief of Naval Operations
DCOdebarkation control officer; defense coordinating officer; defensive cyberspace operations
DCO-IDMdefensive cyberspace operations-internal defensive measures
DCO-RAdefensive cyberspace operations-response actions
DCPdata collection plan; Defense Continuity Program; detainee collection point
DCRFdefense chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response force
DCSDefense Collaboration Services; deputy chief of staff
DCTCDefense Combating Terrorism Center
DCWDefense Collection Watch (DIA)
DDDepartment of Defense (form); deputy director
DDAdeputy development advisor
DDEDefense Logistics Agency distribution expeditionary
DDEDdefense distribution expeditionary depot
DDIDirector of Defense Intelligence
DDLdigital data link
DDMDefense Logistics Agency Distribution Mapping
DDMSDeputy Director for Military Support (NRO)
DDNDefense Data Network
DDOCDeployment and Distribution Operations Center (USTRANSCOM)
DDPdetailed deployment plan
DDRdisarmament, demobilization, and reintegration
DDSDeployable Disbursing System
DDSBndeployment and distribution support battalion
DDSMDefense Distinguished Service Medal
DDSTdeployment and distribution support team
DEdecedent effects; directed energy
DEADrug Enforcement Administration (DOJ)
DEARASDepartment of Defense Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System
DeCADefense Commissary Agency
DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEFSMACDefense Special Missile and Aerospace Center
DELdeployable equipment list
DEPdelayed entry program
DEPORDdeployment order
DepSecDefDeputy Secretary of Defense
DERPDefense Environmental Restoration Program
DESdeception event schedule
DESCDefense Energy Support Center
DESTdomestic emergency support team
DEWdirected-energy warfare
DFdangerous fallout; direction finding
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DFBADefense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
DFCdetention facility commander
DFEDefense Intelligence Agency forward element; Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center forward element
DFRIFDefense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFSPdefense fuel support point
DGdefense guidance
DGTdesignated ground target
DHADefense Health Agency; detainee holding area
DHBDefense Health Board
DHEdefense human intelligence executor
DHE-MDefense Human Intelligence Enterprise-manual
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DHMdefense human intelligence manager
DHPDefense Health Program
DHSDefense Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Service; Department of Homeland Security
DIDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate for Analysis; DIA Directorate for Intelligence Production
DI&Edata integration and exploitation
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIAMDefense Intelligence Agency manual
DIAPDefense Intelligence Analysis Program
DIARDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) regulation
DIBdefense industrial base; defense institution building
DIDDefense Intelligence Digest
DIDOdesignated intelligence disclosure official
DIEdeception intelligence estimate
DIEBDefense Intelligence Executive Board
DIFCDefence Intelligence Fusion Centre
DIGODefence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (Australia)
DIJEDefense Intelligence Joint Environment (United Kingdom)
DIMOCDefense Imagery Management Operations Center
DINFOSDefense Information School
DIOdefense intelligence officer
DIPFdefense intelligence priorities framework
DIRIDefense Institution Reform Initiative
DIRINTDirector of Intelligence (USMC)
DIRLAUTHdirect liaison authorized
DIRMOBFORdirector of mobility forces
DIRNSADirector, National Security Agency
DIRSPACEFORdirector of space forces (USAF)
DISADefense Information Systems Agency
DISA-LODefense Information Systems Agency - liaison officer
DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISOdeception in support of operations security
DISRDepartment of Defense Information Technology Standards Registry
DJ-7Director, Joint Force Development
DJIOCDefense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
DJSDirector, Joint Staff
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DLDdigital liaison detachment
DLEAdrug law enforcement agency
DLISDefense Logistics Information Service
DLMdefense logistics manual
DLMSDefense Logistics Management System
DLQdeck landing qualification
DLSADefense Legal Services Agency
DMdocking module
DMADefense Media Activity
DMDCdefense management data center; Defense Manpower Data Center
DMHSDefense Message Handling System
DMIGSDomestic Mobile Integrated Geospatial-Intelligence System
DMLSSDefense Medical Logistics Standard Support
DMMPODefense Medical Materiel Program Office
DMORTDisaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DMPIdesired mean point of impact
DMSMDefense Meritorious Service Medal
DMSODefense Modeling and Simulation Office
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMTdisaster management team (UN)
DMZdemilitarized zone
DNAdeoxyribonucleic acid
DNBIdisease and nonbattle injury
DNCdigital nautical chart
DNDDepartment of National Defence (Canada)
DNDODomestic Nuclear Detection Office (DHS)
DNIDirector of National Intelligence; Director of Naval Intelligence
DOAdays of ammunition
DOBdate of birth
DOCDepartment of Commerce; designed operational capability
DOCNETDoctrine Networked Education and Training
DODDepartment of Defense
DODDDepartment of Defense directive
DODFMRDepartment of Defense Financial Management Regulation
DODIDepartment of Defense instruction
DODICDepartment of Defense identification code
DODIISDepartment of Defense Intelligence Information System
DODINDepartment of Defense information network
DODMDepartment of Defense manual
DODS-CWMDDepartment of Defense Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOEHRSDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Reporting System
DOEHRS-IHDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System – Industrial Hygiene
DOIDepartment of the Interior
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOLDepartment of Labor
DOMEXdocument and media exploitation
DONDepartment of the Navy
DOSdays of supply; denial of service; Department of State
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DOTEODepartment of Transportation emergency organization
DOTMLPFdoctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities
DOTMLPF-Pdoctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities, and policy
DOWGdeception operations working group
DOX-Tdirect operational exchange-tactical
DPdecisive point; displaced person
DPAdanger pay allowance; Defense Production Act
DPAADefense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency
DPAPDefense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
DPASDefense Priorities and Allocation System
DPCdeception planning cell; Defense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPGDefense Planning Guidance
DPIdesired point of impact
DPIPdeparting initial point
DPKODepartment of Peacekeeping Operations (UN)
DPMdissemination program manager
DPMODefense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
DPODefense Press Office; distribution process owner
DPPDBdigital point positioning database
DRdead reckoning; disaster relief
DRLBureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DOS)
DRMSDefense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DROdepartmental requirements officer
DRRSDefense Readiness Reporting System
DRRS-SDefense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic
DRSdetainee reporting system
DRSNDefense Red Switched Network
DRTdecontamination and reconnaissance team
DSDirectorate for Management and Chief Information Officer (DIA); direct support
DSCdefensive space control; dual-status commander
DSCADefense Security Cooperation Agency; defense support of civil authorities
DSEdirect support element
DSFdeployable specialized force; District Stability Framework (USAID)
DSGDefense Strategic Guidance
DSMdecision support matrix
DSNDefense Switched Network
DSODefense Spectrum Organization; defensive systems officer
DSPDdefense support to public diplomacy
DSRdefense strategy review
DSRSGDeputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General
DSSDefense Security Service; Distribution Standard System
DSS/ALOCdirect support system/air line of communications
DSSCSDefense Special Security Communications System
DSSMDefense Superior Service Medal
DSSOdefense sensitive support office
DSSRDepartment of State Standardized Regulation
DSTdecision support template; Defense Logistics Agency support team; deployment support team; district support team
DSTS-GDefense Information Systems Network (DISN) Satellite Transmission Services - Global
DTDirectorate for MASINT and Technical Collection (DIA)
DTAdynamic threat assessment
DTAMdefense terrorism awareness message
DTCdefense transportation coordination
DTCIDefense Transportation Coordination Initiative
DTDDeployable Training Division; detailed troop decontamination
DTEDdigital terrain elevation data
DTIPDisruptive Technology Innovations Partnership (DIA)
DTIRPDefense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
DTLdeployable team leader
DTMdirective-type memorandum
DTOdrug trafficking organization
DTPAdiethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid
DTRDefense Transportation Regulation
DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency
DTSDefense Transportation System; Defense Travel System
DTSADefense Technology Security Administration
DTWRdefense terrorism warning report
DUdepleted uranium
DURCdual-use research of concern
DUSDdeputy under Secretary of Defense
DUSD (CI&S)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Counterintelligence and Security
DUSD(S)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Sustainment
DVDdigital video device
DVIDSDefense Video and Imagery Distribution System
DWASDefense Working Capital Accounting System
DWTdeadweight tonnage
DZdrop zone
DZCdrop zone controller
DZSTdrop zone support team
18 AFEighteenth Air Force
Eenhanced; total probable error
E3electromagnetic environmental effects
EAelectronic attack; emergency action; executive agent
EACemergency action committee
EADearliest arrival date
EADRUEuro-Atlantic disaster response unit
EADSEastern Air Defense Sector
EAESexpeditionary aeromedical evacuation squadron
EAFexpeditionary airfield
EAMemergency action message
EAPemergency action plan
EAPCEuro-Atlantic Partnership Council
EASTPACeastern Pacific Ocean
EBSenvironmental baseline survey
ECelectronic combat
ECCengineer coordination cell; evacuation control center
ECESexpeditionary civil engineer squadron
ECHAExecutive Committee for Humanitarian Affairs (UN)
ECHOEuropean Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
ECMelectromagnetic countermeasures; electronic countermeasures
ECNMinimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
ECOelectronic combat officer
ECOSOCEconomic and Social Council (UN)
ECPentry control point
ECSenvironmental condition study; expeditionary combat support
EDAEconomic Development Administration (DOC); excess defense articles
EDIelectronic data interchange
EDTAethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
EEAenvironmental executive agent
EEBDemergency escape breathing device
EECTend evening civil twilight
EEDelectro-explosive device; emergency-essential designation
EEDACemergency essential Department of the Army civilian
EEEemergency and extraordinary expense
EEIessential element of information
EENTend of evening nautical twilight
EEOequal employment opportunity
EERenlisted employee review
EEZexclusive economic zone
EFACemergency family assistance center
EFPexplosively formed projectile
EFTelectronic funds transfer
EGATBureau of Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (USAID)
EGMEarth Gravity Model
eGPLEnhanced Geospatial Product Library (USAF)
EHexplosive hazard
EHCCexplosive hazards coordination cell
EHDBexplosive hazard database
EHFextremely high frequency
EHOenvironmental health officer
EHRAenvironmental health risk assessment
EHSAenvironmental health site assessment
EHTexplosive hazard team
EIenvironmental information
EIDelectrically initiated device
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
eJMAPSelectronic Joint Manpower and Personnel System
EJPMEenlisted joint professional military education
ELenduring location
ELCASelevated causeway system
ELCAS(M)elevated causeway system (modular)
ELINTelectronic intelligence
ELISTenhanced logistics intratheater support tool
ELMLenduring location master list
ELTemergency locator transmitter
EMelectromagnetic; emergency management
EMACemergency management assistance compact
EMALLelectronic mall
EMBMelectromagnetic battle management
EMCelectromagnetic compatibility
EMCONemission control
EMDexpeditionary military information support detachment
EMEelectromagnetic environment
EMEDSexpeditionary medical support
EMFexpeditionary medical facility
EMIelectromagnetic interface; electromagnetic interference
EMIOexpanded maritime interception operations
EMOEelectromagnetic operational environment
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EMREExpeditionary Medicine Requirements Estimator
EMSelectromagnetic spectrum; emergency medical services
EMSCelectromagnetic spectrum control
EMSMelectromagnetic spectrum manager
EMTemergency medical treatment; expeditionary military information support team
EMUexpeditionary medical unit
EMVelectromagnetic vulnerability
EOelectro-optical; executive order
EOBelectromagnetic order of battle; electronic order of battle; enemy order of battle
EOCemergency operating center; emergency operations center
EOCAexplosive ordnance clearance agent
EODexplosive ordnance disposal
EODBexplosive ordnance disposal bulletin
EODESUexplosive ordnance disposal expeditionary support unit
EODGRUexplosive ordnance disposal group (USN)
EODIMSExplosive Ordnance Disposal Information Management System
EODMUexplosive ordnance disposal mobile unit
EODMU-1explosive ordnance disposal mobile unit one
EODT&Texplosive ordnance disposal technology and training
EODTEUexplosive ordnance disposal training and evaluation unit
EODTICExplosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Information Centre (NATO)
EO-IR CMelectro-optical-infrared countermeasure
EORengage on remote
EPelectronic protection; emergency preparedness; emergency procedures; excess property
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency; evasion plan of action
EPBSexpeditionary prime base engineer emergency force squadron
EPCEmergency Procurement Committee
EPFexpeditionary fast transport
EPHemergency planning handbook
EPICEl Paso Intelligence Center
EPIRBemergency position-indicating radio beacon
EPLOemergency preparedness liaison officer
EPUexpeditionary port unit
EPWenemy prisoner of war
ERCemergency relief coordinator; en route care; exercise- related construction
ERDCEngineer Research and Development Center
ERGEmergency Response Guidebook
ERIMPEn route Infrastructure Master Plan (USTRANSCOM)
ERPSSEn Route Patient Staging System
ERSGexecutive representative of the Secretary-General
ERTemergency response team (FEMA); engineer reconnaissance team
ERUemergency response unit
ERWexplosive remnants of war
ESelectronic warfare support; executive secretariat; expeditionary salvage
ESACElectromagnetic-Space Analysis Center (NSA)
ESBengineer support battalion
ESCexpeditionary sustainment command
ESCSenvironmental site closure survey
ESDexpeditionary transfer dock
ESEOenvironmental science and engineering officer
ESFEconomic Support Fund; emergency support function
ESGexecutive steering group; expeditionary strike group
ESGREmployer Support of the Guard and Reserve
ESMexpeditionary site mapping
ESMRMexplosives safety munitions risk management
ESOenvironmental science officer; Expeditionary Support Organization (DFAS)
ESOHenvironmental, safety, and occupational health
ESORTSEnhanced Status of Resources and Training System
ESPengineer support plan; Estimating Supplies Program
ESRexternal supported recovery
ESTembarked security team
ETelectronics technician
ETAestimated time of arrival
ETDestimated time of departure
ETFelectronic target folder
ETMessential tasks matrix
ETOEmergency Transportation Operations (DOT)
ETSSextended training service specialist
ETXend of text
EUEuropean Union
EuropolEuropean Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation
EUSCeffective United States controlled
EUSCSeffective United States-controlled ships
EVCevasion chart
EVEequal value exchange
EV WHSEnhanced View Web Hosting Service
EWearly warning; electronic warfare
EWCelectronic warfare cell
EWCAelectronic warfare control authority
EWCCelectronic warfare coordination cell
EWEelectronic warfare element
EWGelectronic warfare group
EWOelectronic warfare officer
EWWGelectronic warfare working group
EXECSECexecutive secretary
EXORDexecute order
EXU-1Expeditionary Exploitation Unit One
EZexchange zone
F                                                                                                        Fahrenheit
F2T2EAfind, fix, track, target, engage, and assess
F3EADfind, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, and disseminate
F&ESfire and emergency services
FAfeasibility assessment; field artillery
FAAFederal Aviation Administration (DOT); Foreign Assistance Act
FAAOFederal Aviation Administration order
FACforward air controller
FAC(A)forward air controller (airborne)
FACEforward aviation combat engineering
FACTfield advance civilian team; field assessment and coordination team
F/ADforce/activity designator
FADMforce allocation decision matrix
FAHfinal attack heading; foreign affairs handbook
FALOPForward Area Limited Observing Program
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization (UN); foreign area officer
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation; formal assessment report
FARCflyaway recompression chamber; Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
FARPforward arming and refueling point
FASForeign Agricultural Service (USDA); frequency assignment subcommittee
FASCAMfamily of scatterable mines
FASTfleet antiterrorism security team
FBforward boundary
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation (DOJ)
FBISForeign Broadcast Information Service
FCfinal coordination; fires cell (Army); floating causeway
FCAForeign Claims Act
FCCFederal Communications Commission; federal coordinating center; functional combatant commander
FCEforward command element
FCOfederal coordinating officer
FCPfunctional campaign plan
FCTfirepower control team
FDfirst draft; from temporary duty
FDAFood and Drug Administration (DHHS)
FDCfire direction center
FDOflexible deterrent option; flight deck officer; foreign disclosure officer
FDPforward distribution point
FDPMUforward-deployable preventive medicine unit
FDRforeign disaster relief
FEfires element
FEAfront-end analysis
FEBAforward edge of the battle area
FECfacilities engineering command; fires and effects coordinator
FEIforensic-enabled intelligence
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency (DHS)
FEPforeign excess property
FEPPforeign excess personal property
FESfire emergency services
FESTforeign emergency support team; forward engineer support team
FETfacility engineer team
FEZfighter engagement zone
FFAfree-fire area
FFCforce fires coordinator
FFCCforce fires coordination center (USMC)
FFEfield force engineering; flame field expedient
FFIRfriendly force information requirement
FFPfresh frozen plasma; Office of Food for Peace (DOS)
FFTfriendly force tracking
FGSfinal governing standard; Force Generation Service (UN)
FHfleet hospital
FHABureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance; foreign humanitarian assistance
FHPforce health protection
FHWAFederal Highway Administration (DOT)
FIforeign intelligence
FIDforeign internal defense
FIEfly-in echelon; foreign intelligence entity
FinCENFinancial Crimes Enforcement Network
FIOPfederal interagency operational plan
1st IOC1st Information Operations Command (Land)
FISForeign Intelligence Service
FISINTforeign instrumentation signals intelligence
FISSforeign intelligence and security services
FISTfire support team; fleet intelligence support team
FLCfleet logistics center
FLETCFederal Law Enforcement Training Center (DHS)
FLIPflight information publication
FLIRforward-looking infrared
FLITEfederal legal information through electronics
FLNFront de Libération Nationale
FLOTforward line of own troops
FLSforward logistic site
FLSGforce logistic support group
FLTCYBERCOMFleet Cyber Command (USN)
FLTSATfleet satellite
FLTSATCOMfleet satellite communications
FMfield manual (USA); financial management; force module; frequency modulation
FM/Afunctional manager for analysis
FMAforeign materiel acquisition
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMFFleet Marine Force (USN); foreign military financing
FMFPforeign military financing program
FMOfrequency management office; functional manager office
FMPforeign materiel program
FMSforce module subsystem; foreign military sales
FMTSFourth Estate Manpower Tracking System
FMVfull motion video
FNforeign nation
FNMODFleet Numerical Meteorological and Oceanographic Detachment
FNSforeign nation support
FOforward observer
FOBforward operating base
FOCfull operational capability
FODfield operations division; foreign object damage
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FORCEfuels operational readiness capability equipment (USAF)
FORSCOMUnited States Army Forces Command
FOSforward operating site; full operational status
FOUOfor official use only
FOVfield of view
FPfiring point; force protection; force provider
FPAforeign policy advisor
FPCONforce protection condition
FPDforce protection detachment; foreign post differential
FPEforce provider expeditionary (USA)
FPFfinal protective fire
FPOfleet post office
FPOCfocal point operations center
FPSFederal Protective Service (DHS)
FPWGforce protection working group
FRAFederal Railroad Administration (DOT)
FRAGORDfragmentary order
FRCforward resuscitative care
FRMACFederal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (DOE)
FRNforce requirement number
FROflexible response option
FRRSfrequency resource record system
FRTPfleet response training plan
FSAfire support area
FSBfire support base; forward staging base
FSCfire support cell; fire support coordinator (USMC)
FSCCfire support coordination center (USMC)
FSCLfire support coordination line
FSCMfire support coordination measure
FSCOORDfire support coordinator (USA)
FSEfire support element
FSEMfire support execution matrix
FSFforeign security forces
FSIForeign Service Institute
FSNforeign service national
FSOfire support officer
FSPfunctional support plan
FSRfield service representative
FSRTfatality search and recovery team
FSSfast sealift ship; fire support station
FSSPfuel system supply point
FSTfire support task
FSWfeet of seawater
ftfeet; foot
ft3cubic feet
FTNforce tracking number
FTOforeign terrorist organization
FWAfraud, waste, and abuse
FWCfleet weather center
FWRAfood and water risk assessment
FXLforensic exploitation laboratory
FYfiscal year
FY1current fiscal year
FY2budget year
FY3program year
FY4out year
FY5out year
FYDPFuture Years Defense Program
G-1Army component manpower or personnel staff officer (Army division or higher staff); assistant chief of staff, personnel/personnel staff section (USMC)
G-2Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence; Army component intelligence staff officer (Army division or higher staff); assistant chief of staff, intelligence/intelligence staff section (USMC)
G-2XArmy counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
G-3Army or Marine Corps component operations staff officer (Army division or higher staff, Marine Corps brigade or higher staff); assistant chief of staff, operations
G-4Army component logistics staff officer (Army division or higher staff); assistant chief of staff, logistics/logistics staff section (USMC)
G-5assistant chief of staff, plans (USA); assistant chief of staff, plans/plans staff section (USMC)
G-6Army component command, control, communications, and computer systems staff officer (Army division or higher staff); assistant chief of staff, communications/communications system staff section (USMC)
G-7Army component information operations staff officer; assistant chief of staff, information engagement/information operations staff section (USMC)
GAgeospatial analyst
GAFSGeneral Accounting and Finance System
GAMSSGlobal Air Mobility Support System
GAOGovernment Accountability Office
GARgateway access request
GARSGlobal Area Reference System
GATgovernmental assistance team
GATESGlobal Air Transportation Execution System
GBLgovernment bill of lading
GBRground-based radar
GBSGlobal Broadcast Service; Global Broadcast System
GCgeneral counsel; Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War
GCCgeographic combatant commander; global contingency construction
GCCCglobal contingency construction contract
GCCMACGlobal Contingency Construction Multiple Award Contract (USN)
GCCSGlobal Command and Control System
GCCS-AGlobal Command and Control System-Army
GCCS-I3Global Command and Control System-Integrated Imagery and Intelligence
GCCS-JGlobal Command and Control System-Joint
GCCS-MGlobal Command and Control System-Maritime
GCEground combat element (USMC)
GCIground control intercept
GCMglobal container manager; Global Information Grid (GIG) Content Management
GCPglobal campaign plan; ground commander’s pointer
GCP-CWMDGlobal Campaign Plan for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
GCSground control station
GCSCglobal contingency service contract
GCSMACGlobal Contingency Services Multiple Award Contract (USN)
GCSSGlobal Command Support System
GCSS-JGlobal Combat Support System-Joint
GDFGuidance for Development of the Force
GDIPGeneral Defense Intelligence Program
GDPglobal defense posture; gross domestic product
GDSSGlobal Decision Support System
GEgeneral engineering
GEFGuidance for Employment of the Force
GEMGlobal Information Grid (GIG) Enterprise Management
GENTEXTgeneral text
GEOgeosynchronous Earth orbit
GEOINTgeospatial intelligence
GEOLOCgeographic location
GEOREFgeographic reference
GETMGeospatially Enabled Target Materials (NGA)
GETSGeospatial Intelligence Enterprise Tasking, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Services
GFEgovernment-furnished equipment
GFMglobal force management; global freight management
GFMAPGlobal Force Management Allocation Plan
GFMBGlobal Force Management Board
GFMIGGlobal Force Management Implementation Guidance
GFPgovernment-furnished property
GFSgovernment-furnished support
GIgeomatics and imagery
GI&Sgeospatial information and services
GIANTGlobal Positioning System Interference and Navigation Tool
GIBCOgeospatial-intelligence base for contingency operations
GICNTGlobal Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
GIEglobal information environment
GIMSGeospatial Intelligence Information Management Services
GIOGeospatial Intelligence Organisation (New Zealand)
GIPgridded installation photograph
GISgeographic information system
GLCMground-launched cruise missile
GLDground liaison detachment
GLINTgated laser intensifier
GLOground liaison officer
GLOCground line of communications
GLTDground laser target designator
GMDground-based midcourse defense
GMDSSGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMEglobal mobility enterprise
GMIgeneral military intelligence
GMLRSGlobal Positioning System Multiple Launch Rocket System
GMSCGlobal Mission Support Center (USSOCOM)
GMTIground moving target indicator
GNAGlobal Information Grid (GIG) Network Assurance
GNCCglobal network operations center
GNDGlobal Information Grid (GIG) Network Defense
GNSCglobal network operations support center
GNSSglobal navigation satellite system
GNZGeospatial Intelligence New Zealand
GO/FOgeneral officer/flag officer
GOTSgovernment off-the-shelf
GPCgeospatial planning cell; government purchase card
GPDgallons per day
GPEgeospatial intelligence preparation of the environment
GPECGlobal Posture Executive Council
GPLGeospatial Product Library
GPMgallons per minute; global pallet manager
GPMICGlobal Patient Movement Integration Center
GPMJABGlobal Patient Movement Joint Advisory Board
GPMRCGlobal Patient Movement Requirements Center
GPOIGlobal Peace Operations Initiative
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPSOCGlobal Positioning System Operations Center
GPWGeneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
GRGgridded reference graphic
GRLglobal reach laydown
GROOVEGeospatial Requirements One-Stop Visualization Environment
GSgeneral service; general support
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSEground support equipment
GSOgeneral services officer
GSORTSGlobal Status of Resources and Training System
GSRgeneral support-reinforcing; ground surveillance radar
GSSCglobal satellite communications (SATCOM) support center
GSTgeospatial support team
GTAgraphic training aid
GTASground-to-air signals
GTLgun-target line
GTMglobal transportation management
G-TSCMISGlobal Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System
G/VLLDground/vehicle laser locator designator
GWSGeneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field
GWS SeaGeneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked Members of the Armed Forces at Sea
H&Sheadquarters and service
HAholding area; humanitarian assistance
HAChuman intelligence analysis cell
HACChumanitarian assistance coordination center
HAPhumanitarian assistance program
HARChuman intelligence analysis and reporting cell
HASThumanitarian assistance survey team
HBCTheavy brigade combat team
HCDirectorate for Human Capital (DIA); humanitarian coordinator
HCAhead of contracting activity; humanitarian and civic assistance
HCCCharbormaster command and control center
HCOhelicopter control officer
HDharbor defense; homeland defense
HDCharbor defense commander; helicopter direction center
HDCUharbor defense command unit
HDMhumanitarian demining
HDOhumanitarian demining operations
HDRhumanitarian daily ration
HDTCHumanitarian Demining Training Center
HEhigh explosives
HEIhigh explosives incendiary
HEMPhigh-altitude electromagnetic pulse
HEOhighly elliptical orbit
HEPAhigh efficiency particulate air
HERFhazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuels
HEROhazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
HERPhazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel
HEWSwebHumanitarian Early Warning Service
HFhigh frequency
HFAhuman factors analysis
HFPhostile fire pay
HHCheadquarters and headquarters company
HHQhigher headquarters
HIChumanitarian information center
HIDACZhigh-density airspace control zone
HIFLDhomeland infrastructure foundation-level data
HIFRhelicopter in-flight refueling
HIMADhigh-to-medium-altitude air defense
HIMARSHigh Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HIMEZhigh-altitude missile engagement zone
HIRTAhigh intensity radio transmission area
HIUhumanitarian information unit (DOS)
HIVhuman immunodeficiency virus
HMAhumanitarian mine action
HMCShelmet-mounted cueing system
HMIRSHazardous Material Information Resource System
HMMWVhigh mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HMODharbormaster operations detachment
HNhost nation
HNChost-nation coordination
HNCChost nation coordination center
HNShost-nation support
HNSCChost-nation support coordination cell
HNSFhost-nation security forces
HOBheight of burst
HOChuman intelligence operations cell; humanitarian operations center
HOCChumanitarian operations coordination center
HOMhead of mission
HOSTAChelicopter operations from ships other than aircraft carriers (USN publication)
HPMhigh-power microwave
HPThigh-payoff target
HQCOMDTheadquarters commandant
HQDAHeadquarters, Department of the Army
HQMCHeadquarters, United States Marine Corps
HRhelicopter request; hostage rescue
HRBhigh-risk billet
HRChigh-risk-of-capture; Human Resources Command
HRFhomeland response force
HRIhigh risk of isolation
HROhumanitarian relief organizations
HRPhigh-risk personnel; human remains pouch
HRThealth response team
HShealth services; helicopter antisubmarine (USN); homeland security
HSChelicopter sea combat (USN); Homeland Security Council
HSDhealth service delivery
HSIhyperspectral imagery; Office of Homeland Security Investigations (DHS)
HSINHomeland Security Information Network (DHS)
HSIPHomeland Security Infrastructure Program
HSMhumanitarian service medal
HSPDhomeland security Presidential directive
HSShealth service support
HSThigh-speed transport
HSVhigh-speed vessel
HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban Development
HUMINThuman intelligence
HUMROhumanitarian relief operation
HVAhigh-value asset
HVAAhigh-value airborne asset
HVACheating, ventilation, and air conditioning
HVCDShigh-velocity container delivery system
HVIhigh-value individual
HVThigh-value target
HWhazardous waste
I2identity intelligence
I2SPidentity intelligence support packet
I2WDIntelligence and Information Warfare Division (USA)
I&AOffice of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS)
IAimagery analyst; implementing arrangement; individual augmentee; information assurance
IAAincident area assessment; incident awareness and assessment
IADSintegrated air defense system
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency (UN)
IAMinertially aided munition
IAMDintegrated air and missile defense
IAMSARInternational Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue manual
IAPincident action plan; integrated assessment and planning; international airport
IAPPInteragency Partnership Program
IASInternational Assistance System
IASCInter-Agency Standing Committee (UN)
IAVMinformation assurance vulnerability management
IAWin accordance with
IBBInternational Broadcasting Bureau
IBCTinfantry brigade combat team
IBETintegrated border enforcement team
IBSIntegrated Booking System; integrated broadcast service; Integrated Broadcast System
IBS-IIntegrated Broadcast Service-Interactive
IBS-SIntegrated Broadcast Service-Simplex
ICincident commander; intelligence community
IC3integrated command, control, and communications
ICAFInteragency Conflict Assessment Framework (DOS)
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICATinteragency conflict assessment team
ICBMintercontinental ballistic missile
ICBRN-Rinternational chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response
ICCinformation coordination center; Intelligence Coordination Center (USCG); International Criminal Court
ICDintelligence community directive
ICDSimproved container delivery system
ICEImmigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS)
ICEPPIncident Communications Emergency Policy and Procedures
IC/EXCOMIntelligence Community Executive Committee
ICFintelligence contingency funds
ICISintegrated consumable item support
ICITAPInternational Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (DOJ)
ICJInternational Court of Justice
ICMimage city map
ICODESIntegrated Computerized Deployment System
ICPintertheater communications security package; inventory control point
ICPO-INTERPOLInternational Criminal Police Organization-International Police
ICRIntelligence Collection Requirements
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red Cross
ICSincident command system; integrated country strategy; intelligence community standard; interim contractor support
ICTinformation and communications technology
ICUintensive care unit
ICVAInternational Council of Voluntary Agencies
ICWin coordination with
IDidentification; identifier; initiating directive
IDADinternal defense and development
IDENTAutomated Biometric Identification System (DHS)
IDFindirect fire
ID/IQindefinite delivery/indefinite quantity
IDLintegrated distribution lane
IDMimproved data modem; information dissemination management
IDPimagery derived product; imminent danger pay; internally displaced person
IDRAinfectious disease risk assessment
IDSRSIntegrated Defense Source Registration System
IEDimprovised explosive device
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEMinstallation emergency management
IERinformation exchange requirement
IFCintelligence fusion center
IFFidentification, friend or foe
IFOintegrated financial operations; intermediate fuel oil
IFPintegrated force package
IFRinstrument flight rules
IFRCInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IGinspector general
IGCIntegrated Data Environment/Global Transportation Network Convergence
IGLintelligence gain/loss
IHCinternational humanitarian community
IHOindustrial hygiene officer
IHSinternational health specialist
IICTInteragency Intelligence Committee on Counterterrorism
IIPBureau of International Information Programs (DOS); interagency implementation plan
IIRintelligence information report
IJSTOintegrated joint special technical operations
ILABBureau of International Labor Affairs (DOL)
ILOin lieu of; International Labor Organization (UN)
ILOCintegrated line of communications
ILSintegrated logistic support
IMinformation management; intermediate module
IMAindividual mobilization augmentee
IMAACInteragency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center
IMATincident management assistance team
IMCinstrument meteorological conditions
IMDGinternational maritime dangerous goods (UN)
IMETinternational military education and training
IMFInternational Monetary Fund (UN)
IMINTimagery intelligence
IMMintegrated materiel management; intelligence mission management
IMOinformation management officer; International Maritime Organization
IMPinformation management plan; inventory management plan
IMPPintegrated mission planning process
IMRLindividual material requirements list
IMSinformation management system; interagency management system; Interagency Management System for Reconstruction and Stabilization
IMSPinformation management support plan
IMTincident management team
INCLEInternational Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement (DOS)
INDimprovised nuclear device
INDRACInteragency Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Database of Responsibilities, Authorities, and Capabilities
INFLTREPinflight report
INFOCONinformation operations condition
INLBureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DOS)
INLSimproved Navy lighterage system
INMinternational narcotics matters
INMARSATinternational maritime satellite
INRBureau of Intelligence and Research (DOS)
INSinertial navigation system
INSARAGInternational Search and Rescue Advisory Group
INSCOMUnited States Army Intelligence and Security Command
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organization
InterActionAmerican Council for Voluntary International Action
IOinformation operations
IOBintelligence oversight board
IOCBinformation operations coordination board
IOIIinformation operations intelligence integration
IOMInternational Organization for Migration
IOSSInteragency Operations Security Support Staff
IOWinformation operations wing
IOWGinformation operations working group
IPinitial point; initial position; intelligence planning; Internet protocol
IPAintelligence production agency
IPBintelligence preparation of the battlespace
IPCintegration planning cell; interagency planning cell; interagency policy committee
IPDPinland petroleum distribution plan
IPDSinland petroleum distribution system (USA)
IPEindividual protective equipment
IPGisolated personnel guidance
IPIindigenous populations and institutions
IPOEintelligence preparation of the operational environment
IPPimpact point prediction
IPRin-progress review
IPR Fplan approval in-progress review
IPSIntegrated Planning System (DHS); Interim Polar System
IPTintegrated planning team; Integrated Product Team; intelligence planning team
IRincident report; information requirement; infrared; intelligence requirement
IRAProvisional Irish Republican Army
IRACInterdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (DOC)
IRBMintermediate-range ballistic missile
IRCinformation-related capability; internet relay chat
IRCMinfrared countermeasures
IR pointerinfrared pointer
IRRIndividual Ready Reserve
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IRSCCinteragency remote sensing coordination cell
IRTPAIntelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
ISinformation superiority; information system
ISAindividual Service augmentee; international standardization agreement
ISACinformation sharing and analysis center
ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force
ISBintermediate staging base
ISDDCIntegrated Mission Support for Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
ISEinformation sharing environment
ISGisolated soldier guidance
ISI2Ridentify, separate, isolate, influence, and reintegrate
ISILIslamic State of Iraq and the Levant
ISIRidentify, separate, influence, and renunciation
ISNBureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (DOS); internment serial number
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization; isolation
ISOPAKInternational Organization for Standardization package
ISOPREPisolated personnel report
ISPInternet service provider
ISRintelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
ISRDintelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance division
ISRLOintelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance liaison officer (USAF)
ISR WGIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing
ISSin-system select
ISUinternal airlift or helicopter slingable container unit
I/Tinterpreter and translator
ITinformation system technician; information technology
ITAInternational Trade Administration (DOC)
ITFintegrated task force; intelligence task force (DIA)
ITLintelligence task list
ITOinstallation transportation officer
ITUInternational Telecommunications Union
ITVin-transit visibility
ITW/AAintegrated tactical warning and attack assessment
IWirregular warfare
IWCinformation operations warfare commander
IWGintelligence working group; interagency working group
IWWinland waterway
IWWSinland waterway system
J-1manpower and personnel directorate of a joint staff
J-2intelligence directorate of a joint staff
J-2Ejoint force exploitation staff element
J-2Xjoint force counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
J-3operations directorate of a joint staff
J-4logistics directorate of a joint staff
J-5plans directorate of a joint staff
J-6communications system directorate of a joint staff
J-7engineering staff section of a joint staff; operational plans and interoperability directorate of a joint staff; training and education directorate of a joint staff; training directorate of a joint staff
J-8force structure, resource, and assessment directorate of a joint staff; resource management and financial support directorate of a joint staff
J-9civil-military operations directorate/interagency operations directorate of a joint staff; civil-military operations directorate of a joint staff
J-31Joint Force Coordinator (Joint Staff)
J-35future operations cell
J-39 DDGOJoint Staff, Deputy Director for Global Operations
JAjudge advocate
JAARSJoint After-Action Reporting System
JAATjoint air attack team
JA/ATTjoint airborne and air transportability training
JACjoint analysis center
JACCEjoint air component coordination element
JACEjoint air coordination element
JACSjoint automated communication-electronics operating instructions system
JADOCJoint Air Defense Operations Center (NORAD)
JADOCSJoint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System
JAGjudge advocate general
JAGICjoint air-ground integration center
JAMMSJoint Asset Movement Management System
JAOCjoint air operations center
JAOPjoint air operations plan
JARNjoint air request net
JASSMjoint air-to-surface standoff missile
JATjoint assessment team
JBPOjoint blood program office
JCAjoint capability area
JCASOJoint Contingency Acquisition Support Office (DLA)
JCCjoint collaboration cell; joint contracting center; joint cyberspace center
JCCAjoint combat capability assessment
JCCCJoint Combat Camera Center; joint communications control center
JCCSEJoint Continental United States Communications Support Environment
JCEOIjoint communications-electronics operating instructions
JCETjoint combined exchange training
JCEWRjoint coordination of electronic warfare reprogramming
JCEWSjoint force commander’s electronic warfare staff
JCISAJoint Command Information Systems Activity
JCIUjoint counterintelligence unit
JCMAjoint communications security monitoring activity
JCMBjoint collection management board
JCMEBjoint civil-military engineering board
JCMECjoint captured materiel exploitation center; Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center (DIA)
JCMOjoint communications security management office
JCMOTFjoint civil-military operations task force
JCMSJoint Construction Management System
JCNjoint communications network; joint communications node
JCRMJoint Capabilities Requirements Manager
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff
JCSBjoint contracting support board
JCSEjoint communications support element; Joint Communications Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JDAMJoint Direct Attack Munition
JDATjoint deployable analysis team
JDDjoint doctrine distribution
JDDCJoint Deployment and Distribution Coordinator (USTRANSCOM); joint doctrine development community
JDDEjoint deployment and distribution enterprise
JDDOCjoint deployment and distribution operations center
JDDTjoint doctrine development tool
JDECjoint document exploitation center
JDEISJoint Doctrine, Education, and Training Electronic Information System
JDETjoint distribution enabling team
JDIGSJoint Digital Information Gathering System
JDISSjoint deployable intelligence support system
JDNjoint data network; joint doctrine note
JDNCjoint data network operations cell
JDNOjoint data network operations officer
JDOMSJoint Director of Military Support
JDPCJoint Doctrine Planning Conference
JDPIjoint desired point of impact
JDPOjoint deployment process owner
JDTCJoint Deployment Training Center
JECCJoint Enabling Capabilities Command (USTRANSCOM)
JEDJoint Education and Doctrine
JEDDJoint Education and Doctrine Division
JEFFJoint Expeditionary Forensic Facility (USA)
JELJoint Electronic Library
JEL+Joint Electronic Library Plus
JEMBjoint environmental management board
JEMSMOjoint electromagnetic spectrum management operations
JEMSOjoint electromagnetic spectrum operations
JENMjoint enterprise network manager
JEODOCjoint explosives ordnance disposal operations center
JEODTFjoint explosives ordnance disposal task force
JEPJoint Exercise Program
JEPESJoint Engineer Planning and Execution System
JETjoint expeditionary team; Joint Operation Planning and Execution System editing tool
JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Center
JEWCSJoint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (NATO)
JEZjoint engagement zone
JFACCjoint force air component commander
JFCjoint force commander
JFCCjoint functional component command
JFCC-GSJoint Functional Component Command for Global Strike
JFCC-IMDJoint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense
JFCC-ISRJoint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (USSTRATCOM)
JFCC NWJoint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare
JFCC SpaceJoint Functional Component Command for Space (USSTRATCOM)
JFCHjoint force chaplain
JFEjoint fires element
JFHQjoint force headquarters
JFHQ-Cjoint force headquarters-cyberspace
JFHQ-DODINJoint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Network
JFHQ-NCRJoint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region
JFHQ-Statejoint force headquarters-state
JFLCCjoint force land component commander
JFMjoint functional manager
JFMCjoint fleet mail center
JFMCCjoint force maritime component commander
JFMOjoint frequency management office
JFOjoint field office; joint fires observer
JFPjoint force provider; Joint Frequency Panel (MCEB)
JFRG IIjoint force requirements generator II
JFSjoint force surgeon
JFSCCJoint Force Space Component Commander (USSTRATCOM)
JFSOCCjoint force special operations component commander
JFTRjoint Federal travel regulations
JFUBjoint facilities utilization board
JGjoint guide
JGWEjoint global warning enterprise
JHNSJoint Hometown News Service
JHSVjoint high-speed vessel
JIAjoint individual augmentation; joint individual augmentee
JIACGjoint interagency coordination group
JIATFjoint interagency task force
JIATF-SJoint Interagency Task Force-South
JIATF-WJoint Interagency Task Force-West
JICjoint information center
JICCjoint interface control cell
JICOjoint interface control officer
JIDCjoint interrogation and debriefing center
JIDOJoint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (DTRA)
JIEEJoint Information Exchange Environment
JIEPjoint intelligence estimate for planning
JIMBjoint information management board
JIMPPjoint industrial mobilization planning process
JIOjoint interrogation operations
JIOCjoint intelligence operations center
JIOCPACJoint Intelligence Operations Center, Pacific
JIOC-SOUTHJoint Intelligence Operations Center, South
JIOC-TRANSJoint Intelligence Operations Center–Transportation (USTRANSCOM)
JIOWCJoint Information Operations Warfare Center
JIPCLjoint integrated prioritized collection list
JIPOEjoint intelligence preparation of the operational environment
JIPTLjoint integrated prioritized target list
JISjoint information system
JISEjoint intelligence support element
JITF-CTJoint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism
JIVUJoint Intelligence Virtual University
JKnIFEJoint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization Knowledge and Information Fusion Exchange
JLBjoint logistics board
JLCCjoint lighterage control center; joint logistics coordination center
JLEjoint logistics environment
JLEntjoint logistics enterprise
JLLISJoint Lessons Learned Information System
JLLPJoint Lessons Learned Program
JLOAjoint logistics over-the-shore operation area
JLOCjoint logistics operations center
JLOTSjoint logistics over-the-shore
JLRCjoint logistics readiness center
JLSBjoint line of communications security board
JLSEjoint legal support element
JLSGjoint logistic support group
JMACJoint Mortuary Affairs Center (USA)
JMAOjoint mortuary affairs office
JMARjoint medical asset repository
JMATjoint medical analysis tool
JMCjoint movement center
JMCGjoint movement control group
JMDjoint manning document
JMEELjoint mission-essential equipment list
JMEMJoint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JMETjoint mission-essential task
JMETLjoint mission-essential task list
JMICjoint modular intermodal container
JMICSJoint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System mobile integrated communications system
JMIEjoint maritime information element
JMIPjoint military intelligence program
JMISTFjoint military information support task force
JMITCJoint Military Intelligence Training Center
JMMTjoint military mail terminal
JMOjoint maritime operations; joint meteorological and oceanographic officer; joint munitions office
JMOCjoint medical operations center
JMPjoint manpower program
JMPAjoint military postal activity
JMPABJoint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board
JMPSJoint Mission Planning System
JMPTJoint Medical Planning Tool
JMRRJoint Monthly Readiness Review
JMTCAjoint munitions transportation coordinating activity
JMUAJoint Meritorious Unit Award
JMWGjoint medical working group
JNCCjoint network operations control center
JNMSjoint network management system
JNSCJoint Navigation Warfare Center Navigation Warfare Support Cell
JNWCJoint Navigation Warfare Center
JOAjoint operations area
JOAFjoint operations area forecast
JOCjoint operations center
JOCCjoint operations command center
JOERADjoint spectrum center ordnance electromagnetic environmental effects risk assessment database
JOGjoint operations graphic
JOPESJoint Operation Planning and Execution System
JOPGjoint operations planning group
JOPPAjoint operation planning process for air
JOSEJoint Operations Security Support Element (Joint Staff)
JOTCjoint operations tasking center
JPjoint publication
JP4jet propulsion fuel, type 4
JP5jet propulsion fuel, type 5
JP8jet propulsion fuel, type 8
JPACjoint planning augmentation cell; Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
JPADSjoint precision airdrop system
JPAGJoint Planning Advisory Group
JPARRjoint personnel accountability reconciliation and reporting
JPASEjoint public affairs support element; Joint Public Affairs Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JPCjoint postal cell
JPECjoint planning and execution community
JPEDjoint personal effects depot
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPERSTATjoint personnel status and casualty report
JPGjoint planning group
JPMEjoint professional military education
JPMRCjoint patient movement requirements center
JPNjoint planning network
JPOjoint petroleum office; Joint Program Office
JPOCjoint personnel operations center; joint planning orientation course
JPPjoint planning process
JPPCjoint personnel processing center
JPRAJoint Personnel Recovery Agency
JPRCjoint personnel recovery center
JPSEJoint Planning Support Element (USTRANSCOM)
JPTTAjoint personnel training and tracking activity
JRCjoint reconnaissance center
JRCCjoint reception coordination center
JRERPJoint Radiological Emergency Response Plan
JRFLjoint restricted frequency list
JRICjoint reserve intelligence center
JRIPJoint Reserve Intelligence Program
JROCJoint Requirements Oversight Council
JRRBjoint requirements review board
JRSjoint reporting structure
JRSOIjoint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
JRTCjoint readiness training center
JSJoint Staff
JSAjoint security area
JSAMJoint Service Achievement Medal
JSAPJoint Staff action processing
JSCjoint security coordinator; Joint Spectrum Center
JSCCjoint security coordination center
JSCMJoint Service Commendation Medal
JSDSJoint Staff doctrine sponsor
JSETSJoint Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking Electronic Tracking System
JSFjoint support force
JSHOjoint shipboard helicopter operations
JSIRjoint spectrum interference resolution
JSIVAJoint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment
JSMEjoint spectrum management element
JSOjoint security operations
JSOAjoint special operations area
JSOACjoint special operations air component; joint special operations aviation component
JSOACCjoint special operations air component commander
JSOCjoint special operations command
JSOTFjoint special operations task force
JSOUJoint Special Operations University
JSPAjoint satellite communications panel administrator
JSPOCJoint Space Operations Center
JSPSJoint Strategic Planning System
JSRjoint strategy review
JSTARSJoint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JSTOjoint space tasking order
JTAjoint technical architecture
JTACjoint terminal attack controller
JTAICJoint Technical Analysis and Integration Cell (USA)
JTARjoint tactical air strike request
JTBJoint Transportation Board
JTCBjoint targeting coordination board
JTCCjoint transportation coordination center
JTCG/MEJoint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
JTCOICJoint Training Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Operations Integration Center
JTDjoint table of distribution
JTFjoint task force
JTF-AKJoint Task Force-Alaska
JTFCEMjoint task force contingency engineering management
JTF-CMjoint task force - consequence management
JTF-CSJoint Task Force-Civil Support
JTF-EJoint Task Force-East (DHS)
JTF-GNOJoint Task Force-Global Network Operations
JTF-HDJoint Task Force-Homeland Defense
JTF-IJoint Task Force-Investigations (DHS)
JTF-MAOjoint task force - mortuary affairs office
JTF-NJoint Task Force-North
JTF-POjoint task force-port opening
JTF-Statejoint task force-state
JTF-WJoint Task Force-West (DHS)
JTIDSJoint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTLjoint target list
JTLMjoint theater logistics management
JTMDjoint table of mobilization and distribution; Joint Terminology Master Database
JTMSjoint theater movement staff; joint training master schedule
JTPjoint test publication; joint training plan
JTRJoint Travel Regulations
JTSJoint Training System
JTSCCjoint theater support contracting command
JTTFjoint terrorism task force
JTWGjoint targeting working group
JUJoint Tactical Information Distribution System unit
JUH-MTFJoint User Handbook-Message Text Formats
JUICjoint unit identification code
JUOjoint urban operation
JUONjoint urgent operational need
JVBjoint visitors bureau
JWACJoint Warfare Analysis Center
JWGjoint working group
JWICSJoint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
KaKurtz-above band
kbpskilobits per second
K-Killcatastrophic kill
KLEkey leader engagement
kphkilometers per hour
KQ IDtactical location identifier
KSknowledge sharing
ktkiloton(s); knot (nautical miles per hour)
KuKurtz-under band
LAlead agent; legal adviser
LADlatest arrival date; launch area denied
LANlocal area network
LARClighter, amphibious resupply, cargo
LARC-Vlighter, amphibious resupply, cargo, 5 ton
LASHlighter aboard ship
LAVlight armored vehicle
LClegal counsel
LCAClanding craft, air cushion
LCADSlow-cost aerial delivery system
LCCamphibious command ship; land component commander; lighterage control center
LCElogistics combat element (USMC)
LCMlanding craft, mechanized; letter-class mail; life-cycle management
LCOlanding craft air cushion control officer
LCPlighterage control point
LCSlanding craft air cushion control ship
LCUlanding craft, utility
LDlight damage; line of departure
LDAlimited depository account
LDFlocal defense force
LDOlaser designator operator
LDRlow data rate
LElaw enforcement; low-order explosives
LEAlaw enforcement agency
LEClead environmental component
LEDlight emitting diode
LEDETlaw enforcement detachment (USCG)
LEGATlegal attaché
LEIPLaw Enforcement Intelligence Program (USCG)
LEMPlow-altitude electromagnetic pulse
LEOlaw enforcement operations; low Earth orbit
LEPlaw enforcement professional
L-EWEland-electronic warfare element
LFlanding force
LFAlead federal agency
LFOClanding force operations center
LFORMlanding force operational reserve material
LFSPlanding force support party
LGdeputy chief of staff for logistics
LGBlaser-guided bomb
LGMlaser-guided missile; loop group multiplexer
LGWlaser-guided weapon
LHAamphibious assault ship (general purpose)
LHDamphibious assault ship (multipurpose)
LIDARlight detection and ranging
LIMDISlimited distribution
LIPSLogistics Information Processing System
LJDAMlaser-guided joint direct attack munition
LLlessons learned
LLLTVlow-light level television
LLTRlow-level transit route
LMlight maneuver
LMARSLogistics Metrics Analysis Reporting System
LMSRlarge, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off
LNlead nation; local national
LNILibrary of National Intelligence
LNOliaison officer
LOAletter of assist; letter of authorization; letter of offer and acceptance; logistics over-the-shore operation area
LOAClaw of armed conflict
LOALlock-on after launch
LOBLlock-on before launch
LOCline of communications
LODline of departure
LOEletter of evaluation; line of effort
LOGCAPlogistics civil augmentation program (USA)
LOIletter of instruction
LOMEZlow-altitude missile engagement zone
LOOline of operation
LORlaunch on remote
LOSline of sight
LOTSlogistics over-the-shore
LOXliquid oxygen
LPDamphibious transport dock; low probability of detection
LPIlow probability of intercept
LRClogistics readiness center
LRFlaser range finder
LRNLaboratory Response Network (DHHS)
LROlighterage repair officer
LRPload and roll pallet
LRSTlong-range surveillance team
LRTlogistics response time
LSAlogistic support analysis; logistics supportability analysis
LSClead Service for contracting
LSCClead Service for contracting coordination
LSDdock landing ship
LSElanding signalman enlisted; logistic support element
LSOlanding signals officer
LSSlaser spot search; logistics support system; low, slow, and small
LSSSlogistics support, supplies, and services
LSTlaser spot tracker
LSVlogistics support vessel
LTlong ton
LTDlaser target designator
LTFlogistics task force
LTIOVlatest time information is of value
LTLlaser-to-target line
LZlanding zone
M&Emonitoring and evaluation
MAmortuary affairs
MAAPmaster air attack plan
MACmobility assault company
MACBmultinational acquisition and contracting board
MACCSMarine air command and control system
MACGMarine air control group
MACPmortuary affairs collection point
MACRMSmortuary affairs contaminated remains mitigation site
MACSMarine air control squadron
MAFmobility air forces
MAGMarine aircraft group; maritime assessment group; military assignment group
MAGTFMarine air-ground task force
MAJCOMmajor command (USAF)
MANPADSman-portable air defense system
MAOC-NMaritime Analysis and Operations Center-Narcotics
MARADMaritime Administration
MARAD RRFMaritime Administration Ready Reserve Force
MARCORLOGCOMMarine Corps Logistics Command
MARDIVMarine division
MARFORMarine forces
MARFOR NORTHCOMMarine Forces Northern Command
MARFORSOCMarine Forces Special Operations Command
MARFOR STRATCOMMarine Forces Strategic Command
MARINCENMaritime Intelligence Center
Marine TACCMarine Corps tactical air command center
MARLEMarine liaison element
MAROmass atrocity response operations
MARPOLInternational Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MARSMilitary Auxiliary Radio System
MARSOFMarine special operations forces
MARTSMortuary Affairs Reporting and Tracking System
MASmaritime air support
MASFmobile aeromedical staging facility
MASINTmeasurement and signature intelligence
MASLOmeasurement and signature intelligence liaison officer
MASTmobile ashore support terminal
MAWMarine aircraft wing
MAXORDmaximum ordinate
Mbpsmegabytes per second
MCMilitary Committee (NATO); mission-critical; mobile communications
MC4EBMilitary Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Executive Board
MCAmail control activity; military civic action; movement control agency
MCAGmaritime civil affairs group
MCASMarine Corps air station
MCASTmaritime civil affairs and security training
MCATmaritime civil affairs team
MCBmovement control battalion
MCCmilitary coordinating committee; military counterintelligence collections; mission control center; mobility control center; movement control center
MCCCMarine Corps component command
MCCDCMarine Corps Combat Development Command
MCDmedical crew director
MCDPMarine Corps doctrinal publication
MCEBMilitary Communications-Electronics Board
MCESGMarine Corps Embassy Security Group
MC/FImass casualty/fatality incident
MCImultinational communications integration
MCIAMarine Corps Intelligence Activity
MCIOmilitary criminal investigative organization
MCIOCMarine Corps Information Operations Center
MCIPMarine Corps interim publication; military customs inspection program
MCISREMarine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise
MCMmaneuver control measure; Manual for Courts-Martial; military committee memorandum (memorandum issued in the name of the Chairman); mine countermeasures
MCMCmine countermeasures commander
MCMOmedical civil-military operations
MCMOPSmine countermeasures operations
MCMREPmine countermeasure report
MCMRONmine countermeasures squadron
MCOmajor combat operation; Mapping Customer Operations (Defense Logistics Agency); Marine Corps order
MCOOmodified combined obstacle overlay
MCRPMarine Corps reference publication
MCSmodular causeway system
MCSBMarine Cryptologic Support Battalion
MCSFRMarine Corps Security Forces Regiment
MCTmovement control team
MCTOGMarine Corps Tactics and Operations Group
MCTPMarine Corps tactical publication
MCWLMarine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
MCWPMarine Corps warfighting publication
MCXMarine Corps Exchange
MDmissile defense; moderate damage
MDAmaritime domain awareness; Missile Defense Agency
MDBSmedical detachment, blood support
MDCOMilitary Department counterintelligence organization
MDDOCMarine air-ground task force deployment and distribution operations center
MDIOCMissile Defense Integration and Operations Center (MDA)
MDMmaritime defense measure
MDOmilitary deception officer
MDROmission disaster response officer
MDSMessage Dissemination Subsystem; mobile diving and salvage
MDSS IIMarine Air-Ground Task Force Deployment Support System II
MDSUmobile diving and salvage unit
MEAmunitions effect assessment; munitions effectiveness assessment
MEBmaneuver enhancement brigade; Marine expeditionary brigade
ME/Cmedical examiner and/or coroner
MEDCCmedical coordination cell
MEDCOMUS Army Medical Command
MEDCOM (DS)medical command (deployment support) (USA)
MEDEVACmedical evacuation
MEDINTmedical intelligence
MEDLOGmedical logistics
MEDLOG supportmedical logistics support
MEDNEOmedical noncombatant evacuation operation
MEFMarine expeditionary force
MEJAMilitary Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act
MEOmedium Earth orbit; military equal opportunity
MEPmobile electric power
MESFmaritime expeditionary security force
MESFCmaritime expeditionary security force commander
MESOmaritime expeditionary security operations
METmobile environmental team
METCONcontrol of meteorological information (roughly translated from French)
METLmission-essential task list
METOCmeteorological and oceanographic
METSATmeteorological satellite
METT-Tmission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available-time available
METT-TCmission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available-time available and civil considerations (USA)
MEUMarine expeditionary unit
MEVAmission essential vulnerable area
MEZmissile engagement zone
MFmobile facility
MFCmultinational force commander
MFEmobile field exchange
MFOmultinational force and observers
MGRSmilitary grid reference system
MGWmaximum gross weight
MHDmaritime homeland defense
MHEmaterials handling equipment
MHSmaritime homeland security; Military Health System
MImilitary intelligence; movement instructions
MIAmissing in action
MIBMilitary Intelligence Board
MICMultinational Interoperability Council
MIDASmodel for intertheater deployment by air and sea
MIDBmodernized integrated database; modernized intelligence database
MIFCmaritime intelligence fusion center (USCG)
MILAIRmilitary airlift
MILALOCmilitary air line of communications
MILCOminelike contact
MILCONmilitary construction
MILDECmilitary deception
MILDEPMilitary Department
MILSATCOMmilitary satellite communications
MILSPECmilitary specification
MILSTAMPmilitary standard transportation and movement procedures
MIL-STDmilitary standard
MILSTRAPmilitary standard transaction reporting and accounting procedure
MILSTRIPmilitary standard requisitioning and issue procedure
MILTECHmilitary technician
MILUmultinational integrated logistic unit
MIMPMobilization Information Management Plan
MIOmaritime interception operations
MIOCmaritime interception operations commander
MIPmilitary intelligence program
MIPOEmedical intelligence preparation of the operational environment
MIPRmilitary interdepartmental purchase request
MIRmultisensor imagery reconnaissance
MIRCSmobile integrated remains collection system
MISmilitary information support
MISGmilitary information support group
MISOmilitary information support operations
MISREPmission report
MISTmechanism of injury, injury type, signs, treatment; military information support team
MISTFmilitary information support task force
MITAMmission tasking matrix
MIWmine warfare
MIWCmine warfare commander
MIWGmultinational interoperability working group
MJLCmultinational joint logistic center
M-Killmobility kill
MLAmission load allowance
MLEAMaritime Law Enforcement Academy
MLEMMaritime Law Enforcement Manual
MLGMarine logistics group
MLImunitions list item
MLMCmedical logistics management center
MLPmobile landing platform
MLRSmultiple launch rocket system
MLSmultilevel security
MLSAmutual logistics support agreement
MLWmean low water
MMACmilitary mine action center
MMGDepartment of Defense Master Mobilization Guide
MMIMModeled Meteorological Information Manager
MMSmarine mammal system
MNCmultinational corporation
MNCCmultinational coordination center
MNEODCCmultinational explosives ordnance disposal control center
MNFmultinational force
MNFACCmultinational force air component commander
MNFCmultinational force commander
MNFLCCmultinational force land component commander
MNFMCCmultinational force maritime component commander
MNFSOCCmultinational force special operations component commander
MNJLCmultinational joint logistics component
MNLmaster net list; multinational logistics
MNLCmultinational logistic center
MNTFmultinational task force
MOAmemorandum of agreement
MOBmain operating base; mobilization
MOBREPmilitary manpower mobilization and accession status report; mobilization report
MOCmaritime operations center; media operations center
MODministry of defense; modification
MODAministry of defense advisor
MOEmeasure of effectiveness
MOEImeasure of effectiveness indicator
MOGmaximum (aircraft) on ground
MOGASmotor gasoline
MOMATmobility matting
MOPmeasure of performance; memorandum of policy
MOPPmission-oriented protective posture
MOSmilitary occupational specialty
MOTRmaritime operational threat response
MOUmemorandum of understanding
MOVREPmovement report
MPmilitary police (USA and USMC); multinational publication
MPAmaritime patrol aircraft; mission planning agent
MPATmilitary patient administration team; Multinational Planning Augmentation Team
MPE/Smaritime pre-positioning equipment and supplies
MPFmaritime pre-positioning force
MPFUBmaritime pre-positioning force utility boat
mphmiles per hour
MPICEmeasuring progress in conflict environments
MPNTPMaster Positioning Navigation and Timing Plan
MPOmilitary post office
MPPmaritime procedural publication
MPRmaritime patrol and reconnaissance
MPSmaritime pre-positioning ship; Military Planning Service (UN); Military Postal Service
MPSAMilitary Postal Service Agency
MPSRONmaritime pre-positioning ships squadron
MPTkMedical Planners’ Toolkit
MRATmedical radiobiology advisory team
MRBMmedium-range ballistic missile
MRImagnetic resonance imaging
MROmass rescue operation; materiel release order; medical regulating office; medical regulating officer
MRRMarine Raider Regiment; minimum-risk route
MRSmeasurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) requirements system
MRTmaintenance recovery team
MRXmission readiness exercise
MSAMaritime Security Act
MSCmajor subordinate command; Military Sealift Command
MSCAmilitary support to civilian authorities
MSCATmaritime security center augment team
MSCOMilitary Sealift Command Office
MSDmobile security division
MSEmission support element
MSFmission support force; mobile security force
MSGMarine security guard; message
MSGIDmessage identification
MSHARPPmission, symbolism, history, accessibility, recognizability, population, and proximity
MSImodified surface index
MSICMissile and Space Intelligence Center
MSLmean sea level; military shipping label
MSOmap support office; maritime security operations; military source operation; military strategic objective; military support operations
MSOCMarine special operations company
MSORMarine Special Operations Regiment
MSPMaritime Security Program; mission support plan
MSPAMissing Service Personnel Act
MSRmain supply route; mission support request
MSRPmission strategic resource plan
MSRTMaritime Security Response Team (USCG)
MSSTmaritime safety and security team
MSTmission support team
MTABMilitary Technical Acceptance Board
MTACMultiple Threat Alert Center (DON)
MT Bnmotor transport battalion
MTCRMissile Technology Control Regime
mtDNAmitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid
MTFmedical treatment facility; military information support operations task force
MTFPmission-tailored force package
MTNmulti-tactical data link network
MTOmission type order
MTONmeasurement ton
MTPmission tasking packet
MTSMarine tactical system; Movement Tracking System
MTTmobile training team
MTWmajor theater war
MUOSMobile Users Object System
MUSEmobile utilities support equipment
MVmerchant vessel
MWCMissile Warning Center (NORAD)
MWDmilitary working dog
MWGmobilization working group
MWRmorale, welfare, and recreation
MWSDMarine wing support detachment
MWSGMarine wing support group
MWSSMarine wing support squadron
MWTmodular warping tug
N-2Director of Naval Intelligence; Navy component intelligence staff officer
N-6Director of Naval Communications Networks
NA5CROnon-Article 5 crisis response operation (NATO)
NACNorth Atlantic Council (NATO)
NAD 83North American Datum 1983
NADRnonproliferation, antiterrorism, demining, and related programs
NAENavy acquisition executive
NAEC-ENGNaval Air Engineering Center - Engineering
NAFnonappropriated funds; numbered air force
NAInamed area of interest
NALCNavy ammunition logistics code
NALEnaval and amphibious liaison element
NALSSnaval advanced logistic support site
NAMSNational Air Mobility System
NARnonconventional assisted recovery; notice of ammunition reclassification
NARACnational atmospheric release advisory capability; National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center (DOE)
NARPNuclear Weapon Accident Response Procedures
NASnaval air station
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASICNational Air and Space Intelligence Center
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOPSNaval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
NAVAIDSnavigational aids
NAVAIRNaval Air Systems Command
NAVCYBERFORNavy Cyber Forces
NAVELSGNavy expeditionary logistics support group
NAVEODTECHDIVNaval Explosives Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
NAVFACNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFACENGCOMNaval Facilities Engineering Command
NAVFAC EXWCNaval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center
NAVFORNavy forces
NAVMEDNavy medicine
NAVMTONavy Material Transportation Office
NAVOCEANONaval Oceanographic Office
NAVSATnavigation satellite
NAVSCOLEODNaval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal
NAVSEANaval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEAINSTNaval Sea Systems Command instruction
NAVSOCNaval Satellite Operations Center; naval special operations command
NAVSOFNavy special operations forces
NAVSPACECOMNaval Space Command
NAVSPECWARCOMNaval Special Warfare Command
NAVSUPNaval Supply Systems Command
NAVWARnavigation warfare
NAWCADNaval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
Navy TACCNavy tactical air control center
NBCnuclear, biological, and chemical
NBGnaval beach group
NBInonbattle injury
NBVCNaval Base Ventura County Agency
NCAGSnaval cooperation and guidance for shipping
NCAPSnaval coordination and protection of shipping
NCBnoncompliant boarding
NCCNavy component command; Navy component commander
NCCSNuclear Command and Control System
NCDCNational Climatic Data Center
NCESNet-Centric Enterprise Services
NCESGRNational Committee of Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
NCFnaval construction force
NCGnaval construction group
NCHnatural and cultural resources and historic properties (DOI)
NCHBNavy cargo-handling battalion
NCIJTF-AGNational Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force-Analytical Group (DOD)
NCISNaval Criminal Investigative Service
NCIXNational Counterintelligence Executive
NCLNational System for Geospatial-Intelligence Consolidated Library
NCMINational Center for Medical Intelligence
NCMPNavy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan
NCOnoncombat operations; noncommissioned officer
NCOICnoncommissioned officer in charge
NCOSnaval control of shipping
NCPNational Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NCPCNational Counterproliferation Center
NCRNational Capital Region (US); National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative; naval construction regiment
NCRCCNational Capital Region Coordination Center; United States Northern Command Rescue Coordination Center
NCRDEFnational cryptologic representative defense
NCR-IADSNational Capital Region-Integrated Air Defense System
NCSNational Clandestine Service; National Communications System; net control station
NCSCNational Counterintelligence and Security Center
NCSDNational Cyber Security Division (DHS)
NCTCNational Counterterrorism Center
NDAAnational defense authorization act
NDAFNavy, Defense Logistics Agency, Air Force
NDBnondirectional beacon
NDCSNational Drug Control Strategy
NDDOCNorth American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command Deployment and Distribution Operations Cell
NDHQNational Defence Headquarters, Canada
NDICNational Defense Intelligence College
NDMSNational Disaster Medical System (DHHS)
NDPnational disclosure policy
NDPCNational Disclosure Policy Committee
NDRCNational Detainee Reporting Center
NDRFNational Defense Reserve Fleet
NDSnational defense strategy
NDSFNational Defense Sealift Fund
NDTnuclear disablement team
NDUNational Defense University
NEANortheast Asia
NEATnaval embarked advisory team
NECNational Economic Council
NECCNavy Expeditionary Combat Command
NEICNavy Expeditionary Intelligence Command
NELRNavy expeditionary logistics regiment
NEOnoncombatant evacuation operation
NEOCCnoncombatant evacuation operation coordination center
NEPNational Exercise Program
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act
NESNational Exploitation System
NESTnuclear emergency support team (DOE)
NETWARCOMNaval Network Warfare Command
NEWnet explosive weight
NFAno-fire area
NFCnumbered fleet commander
NFELCNaval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center
NFESCNaval Facilities Engineering Service Center
NFInational foreign intelligence
NFIBNational Foreign Intelligence Board
NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)
NFLSnaval forward logistic site
NGNational Guard
NGANational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
NGBNational Guard Bureau
NGB-OCNational Guard Bureau-Office of the Chaplain
NGCCNational Guard Coordination Center
NGCDPNational Guard Counterdrug Program
NGCDP-StateNational Guard Counterdrug Program-state
NGCSPNational Guard Counterdrug Support Program
NGDSNet-Centric Geospatial-Intelligence Discovery Services
NGFSnaval gunfire support
NGICNational Ground Intelligence Center
NG JFHQ-StateNational Guard joint force headquarters-state
NGLOnaval gunfire liaison officer
NGOnongovernmental organization
NGPNational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Program
NHMDNational Human Intelligence Manager directive
NICNational Intelligence Council
NICCNational Intelligence Coordination Center
NICCLNational Incident Communications Conference Line
NICCPNational Interdiction Command and Control Plan
NIHNational Institutes of Health (DHHS)
NILNational Information Library
NIMnational intelligence manager
NIMSNational Incident Management System
NIOCNavy Information Operations Command
NIPNational Intelligence Program
NIPFNational Intelligence Priorities Framework
NIPRNETNon-classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NISPnational intelligence support plan
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NITnuclear incident team
NITFnational imagery transmission format
NJOICNational Joint Operations and Intelligence Center
NJTTFNational Joint Terrorism Task Force
NLRPnonlethal reference point
NLTnot later than
NLWnonlethal weapon
nmnautical mile
NMAWCNaval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command
NMCNavy Munitions Command
NMCBnaval mobile construction battalion
NMCCNational Military Command Center
NMCSNational Military Command System; not mission capable, supply
NMCSONavy and Marine Corps spectrum office
NMECNational Media Exploitation Center
NMICNational Maritime Intelligence Center
NMIONational Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office
NMISTNational Military Intelligence Support Team (DIA)
NMONational Measurement and Signature Intelligence Office
NMSnational military strategy
NMSANorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Mutual Support Act
NMSCNavy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center
NMS-CONational Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations
NMS-CWMDNational Military Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
NMSP-WOTNational Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism
NMTnational mission team
NNSANational Nuclear Security Administration (DOE)
NNWCNaval Network Warfare Command
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (DOC)
NOACTNavy overseas air cargo terminal
NOCNational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Operation Center; National Operations Center (DHS); network operations center
NOFORNnot releasable to foreign nationals
NOKnext of kin
NOLSCNaval Operational Logistics Support Center
NOMWCNavy Oceanographic Mine Warfare Center
non-CAAFcontractors not authorized to accompany the force
NORADNorth American Aerospace Defense Command
NOSCnetwork operations and security center
NOSSANavy Ordnance Safety and Security Activity
NOTAMnotice to airmen
NPFnational planning framework
NPPDNational Protection and Programs Directorate (DHS)
NPSNational Park Service; nonprior service
NPTTreaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons
NRATnuclear/radiological advisory team
NRCNational Response Center (USCG); non-unit-related cargo
NRCHBNaval Reserve cargo-handling battalion
NRFNational Response Framework
NRGnotional requirements generator
NRONational Reconnaissance Office
NRPnon-unit-related personnel
NRTnear real time
NSANational Security Agency; national shipping authority; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agency
NSABBNational Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NIH)
NSA/CSSNational Security Agency/Central Security Service
NSARCNational Search and Rescue Committee
NSATUnited States Northern Command situational awareness team
NSAWCNaval Strike and Air Warfare Center
NSCNational Security Council
NSC/DCNational Security Council/Deputies Committee
NSC/IPCNational Security Council/interagency policy committee
NSC/PCNational Security Council/Principals Committee
NSCSNational Security Council System
NSDNational Security Directive; National Security Division (FBI)
NSDDnational security decision directive
NSDMnational security decision memorandum
NSEnational support element; Navy support element
NS/EPnational security and emergency preparedness
NSFnational security forces; National Strike Force (USCG)
NSFSnaval surface fire support
NSGNational System for Geospatial Intelligence
NSHSNational Strategy for Homeland Security
NSLno-strike list
NSMSNational Strategy for Maritime Security
NSNnational stock number
NSOCNational Security Operations Center
NSPNational Search and Rescue Plan
NSPDnational security Presidential directive
NSPINational Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
NSPMnational security Presidential memorandum
NSSNational Search and Rescue Supplement; national security strategy; national security system
NSSEnational special security event
NSTNational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency support team; national support team
NSTACNational Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSTSNational Secure Telephone System
NSWnaval special warfare
NSWCDDNaval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
NSWC IHEODTDNaval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division
NSWTFnaval special warfare task force
NSWTGnaval special warfare task group
NSWTUnaval special warfare task unit
NTAnontraditional agent
NTACSNavy tactical air control system
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration (DOC)
NTMnational or multinational technical means of verification; notice to mariners
NTRPNavy tactical reference publication
NTSnoncombatant evacuation operation tracking system
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board
NTTPNavy tactics, techniques, and procedures
NUCnon-unit-related cargo
NUFEANavy-unique fleet essential aircraft
NURPnon-unit-related personnel
NVDnight vision device
NVDTNational Geospatial-Intelligence Agency voluntary deployment team
NVGnight vision goggle
NVOADNational Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
NWDCNavy Warfare Development Command
NWPNavy warfare publication
NWSNational Weather Service
NZNew Zealand
1MCgeneral announcing system
1NCD1st Naval Construction Division
O&Ioperations and intelligence
O&Moperation and maintenance
OAobjective area; operational area
OAEoperational area evaluation
OAFMEOffice of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner
OAIoceanographic area of interest
OAMOffice of Air and Marine (DHS)
OAPoffset aimpoint
OASoffensive air support; Organization of American States
OASDOffice of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD(NII/CIO)Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration/Chief Information Officer)
OASD(PA)Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
OASD(RA)Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
OAUOrganization of African Unity
OBorder of battle
OBAOffice of Biotechnology Activities (NIH); oxygen breathing apparatus
OBFSoffshore bulk fuel system
OBIMOffice of Biometric Identity Management (DHS)
OBPobject-based production
OCoperations center
OCAoffensive counterair; operational control authority
OCBDOffice of Capacity Building and Development (USDA)
OCCAocean cargo clearance authority
OCDETFOrganized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force
OCHAOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
OCIEorganizational clothing and individual equipment
OCJCSOffice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OCOoffensive cyberspace operations; offload control officer
OCONUSoutside the continental United States
OCPoperational capability package
OCSoperational contract support
OCSICoperational contract support integration cell
OCUoffload control unit
ODCOffice of Defense Cooperation
ODCSLOGOffice of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (USA)
ODNIOffice of the Director of National Intelligence
OEoperational environment
OE&ASorganization for embarkation and assignment to shipping
OEBGDOverseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document
OECOffice of Emergency Communications (DHS)
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEGoperational experts group; operational exposure guidance; operations security executive group
OEHoccupational and environmental health
OERofficer evaluation report
OESoffice of emergency services
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets Control (Treasury)
OFCOoffensive counterintelligence operation
OFDAOffice of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID)
OHDACAOverseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (DSCA)
OHDMOffice of Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, and Mine Action
OIoperating instruction; operational interest
OIAOffice of Insular Affairs (DOI); Office of International Affairs (Treasury)
OICofficer in charge
OICCofficer in charge of construction
OIILOffice of Intelligence and Investigative Liaison (CBP)
OIRother intelligence requirements
OJTon-the-job training
OLEMOffice of Land and Emergency Management (EPA)
OMAOffice of Military Affairs (CIA and USAID)
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OMCOffice of Military Cooperation
OMSPHOffice of Medicine, Science, and Public Health (DHHS)
ONDCPOffice of National Drug Control Policy
ONIOffice of Naval Intelligence
OOBorder of battle
OODofficer of the deck
OODAobserve, orient, decide, act
OOSout of service
OPobservation post; ordnance publication
OPCOcean Prediction Center (DOC)
OPCONoperational control
OPDATOffice of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training (DOJ)
OPDECoperational deception
OPDSoffshore petroleum discharge system (USN)
OPDS-Futureoffshore petroleum discharge system-future (USN)
OPDS-Loffshore petroleum discharge system-legacy (USN)
OPEoperational preparation of the environment
OPELINToperational electronic intelligence
OPEOOffice of Preparedness and Emergency Operations (DHHS)
OPFORopposing force; opposition force
OPGoperations planning group
OPGENoperation general matter
OPIRoverhead persistent infrared
OPLANoperation plan
OPLAWoperational law
OPMOffice of Personnel Management
OPMGOffice of the Provost Marshal General
OPNAVOffice of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNAVINSTChief of Naval Operations instruction
OPORDoperation order
OPPoff-load preparation party; orderwire patch panel
OPRoffice of primary responsibility
OPREPoperational report
OPROJoperational project
OPSoperational project stock
OPSDEPSService Operations Deputies
OPSECoperations security
OPSTKoperational stock
OPToperational planning team
OPTARoperating target
OPTASKoperational tasking (message); operation task
OPTASK AMPHIBoperational tasking amphibious message
OPTASKLINKoperations task link
OPTEMPOoperating tempo
ORoperational readiness
ORBATorder of battle
ORDOffice of Research and Development (EPA)
ORMoperational risk management
ORPocean reception point
ORSoperationally responsive space
ORSAoperations research and systems analysis
OSoperating stocks; operating system
OSAoperational support airlift
OSCoffensive space control; on-scene commander; on-site commander; Open Source Center (CIA)
OSCEOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense
OSD/DMDPOOffice of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Military Deception Program Office
OSEoperations support element
OSEIoperational significant event imagery
OSINTopen-source information; open-source intelligence
OSMOffice of Spectrum Management (NTIA)
OSOCCon-site operations coordination center
OSRon-station report
OT&Eoperational test and evaluation
OTAOffice of Technical Assistance (Treasury)
OTCofficer in tactical command; over the counter
OTERAorganize, train, equip, rebuild/build, and advise
OTHover the horizon
OTIOffice of Transition Initiatives (USAID)
OUBoffshore petroleum discharge system utility boat
OUSDOffice of the Under Secretary of Defense
OUSD(A&S)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment
OUSD(C)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
OUSD(C/CFO)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer)
OUSD(I)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)
OUSD(P)Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
OWSoperational weather squadron
PAphysician assistant; primary agency; probability of arrival; public affairs
PACAFPacific Air Forces
PADpatient administration director
PADDperson authorized to direct disposition of human remains
PAGpublic affairs guidance
PALCONpallet container
PAMpreventive and aerospace medicine
PaMpassage material
PAOpublic affairs office; public affairs officer
PARpopulation at risk
PARSPersonnel and Accountability System
PAWSphased array warning system
PAXpassengers; public affairs plans
PBpeace building
PB4Tplanning board for training
PBAperformance-based agreement; production base analysis
PBIEDperson-borne improvised explosive device
PBOSPlanning Board for Ocean Shipping
PBRprogram and budget review
PCpatrol craft; preliminary coordination; Principals Committee
PC&Spost, camp, and station
PCAPosse Comitatus Act
PCASSPreliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System
PCCpolice contributing country; policy coordination committee
PCOprimary control officer; procuring contracting officer
PCOFPatient Condition Occurrence Frequency
PCRTSprimary casualty receiving and treatment ship
PCSpermanent change of station; primary control ship
PCTCpure car and truck carrier
PDposition description; priority designator; probability of damage; probability of detection; program directive
PDApreliminary damage assessment
PDALprioritized defended asset list
PDCPacific Disaster Center
PDDPresidential decision directive
PDFportable data file
PDSSpredeployment site survey
PDTpartnership development team
PDUSD(A&S)Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment
PDUSD(P&R)Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)
PEpersonal effects; preparation of the environment; program element
PECCpatient evacuation coordination cell
PEDprocessing, exploitation, and dissemination
PEOpeace enforcement operations; program executive office
PEPpersonnel exchange program
PERMAplanning, embarkation, rehearsal, movement, and action
PERMREPpermanent representative (NATO)
PERSCOpersonnel support for contingency operations
PFAprimary federal agency
PFDBplanning factors database
PFGPreferred Force Generation
PFOprincipal federal official
PfPPartnership for Peace (NATO)
PGIprocedures, guidance, and information
PGMprecision-guided munition
PHEOpublic health emergency officer
PHIBCBamphibious construction battalion
PHIBOPamphibious operation
PHIBRONamphibious squadron
PHITport handling/in-land transportation
PIpandemic influenza; point of impact; purposeful interference
Piprobability of incapacitation
PI&IDpandemic influenza and infectious disease
PIABPresident’s Intelligence Advisory Board
PICpayment in cash
PIDpositive identification
PIIpre-incident indicators
PIOpublic information officer
PIRpriority intelligence requirement
PIREPpilot report
PIRTpurposeful interference response team
PISApost isolation support activity
PITplatform information technology
PIUpatient isolation unit
PJpararescue jumper
PKprobability of kill
PKBpurple kill box
PKOpeacekeeping operations
PKSOIPeacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
PLphase line
PLApost-launch abort
PLADplain language address directory
PLANORDplanning order
PLBpersonal locator beacon
PLSpalletized load system
PMBureau of Political-Military Affairs (DOS); patient movement; peacemaking; preventive medicine; program management; program manager; provost marshal
PMApolitical/military assessment
PMCpassenger, mail, and cargo; private military company
PMCFpost maintenance check flight
PMEprofessional military education
PMESIIpolitical, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure
PMGMprogram manager’s guidance memorandum
PMIpatient movement item; prevention of mutual interference
PMI-ATSPatient Movement Items-Asset Tracking System
PMITSPatient Movement Item Tracking System
PMOproduction management office(r); program management office
PMRpatient movement request; patient movement requirement
PMRCpatient movement requirements center
PNpartner nation
PNApostal net alert
PNTpositioning, navigation, and timing
POpeace operations; petty officer
POAplan of action
POBpersons on board
POCpoint of contact
POCDport operations cargo detachment
PODplan of the day; port of debarkation; probability of detection
POEport of embarkation; port of entry
POESpolar operational environment satellite
POFpriority of fires
POGport operations group; psychological operations group
POIperson of interest; point of injury
POLpetroleum, oils, and lubricants
POLADpolicy advisor; political advisor
POLCAPbulk petroleum capabilities report
POMprogram objective memorandum
PORTSIMport simulation model
POSpoint of sale; Point-of-Service; probability of success
POTUSPresident of the United States
POVprivately owned vehicle
POWprisoner of war
POW/MIAprisoner of war/missing in action
PPAGproposed public affairs guidance
PPBEPlanning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution
PPDPresidential policy directive
PPEpersonal protective equipment
PPFpersonnel processing file
PPLIprecise participant location and identification
PPTOpetroleum pipeline and terminal operating
PPWpatient protective wrap
PRpersonnel recovery; Phoenix Raven; production requirement; program review
PRApatient reception area; primary review authority
PRCpopulace and resources control; Presidential Reserve Call- up; primary receiving center
PRCCpersonnel recovery coordination cell; personnel recovery coordination center
PRCSpersonnel recovery coordination section
PRDpersonnel readiness division; Presidential review directive
PRDOpersonnel recovery duty officer
PREPOpre-positioned force, equipment, or supplies; pre- positioning
PREREPpre-arrival report
PRFpulse repetition frequency
PRGpersonnel recovery guidance
PRIFLYprimary flight control
Prime BEEFprime base engineer emergency force
PRISMPlanning Tool for Resource, Integration, Synchronization, and Management
PRMBureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (DOS)
PRMSpersonnel recovery mission software
PRMxproduction requirements matrix
PROVORGproviding organization
PRPPersonnel Retrieval and Processing
PRRPpersonnel recovery reference product
PRTpatient reception team; provincial reconstruction team
PRTFpersonnel recovery task force
PSport security
PSAport support activity; principal staff assistant
PSCprivate security contractor
PSDport security detachment
PSIProliferation Security Initiative
psipounds per square inch
PSOpeace support operations (NATO); post security officer
PSSpersonnel services support
PSS-SOFPrecision Strike Suite-Special Operations Forces
P-STATICprecipitation static
PSUport security unit
PSYOPpsychological operations (forces)
PTDOprepare to deploy order
PTMpersonnel transport module
PTTIprecise time and time interval
PUKpackup kit
PVprime vendor
PVNTMEDpreventive medicine
PVTpositioning, velocity, and timing
PWCSport, waterways, and coastal security
PWGprotection working group
PWRMpre-positioned war reserve materiel
PWRRpre-positioned war reserve requirements
PWRSpetroleum war reserve stocks; pre-positioned war reserve stock
PWSperformance work statement
PWTprecision weapons team
QAquality assurance
QARquality assurance representative
QATquality assurance team
QCquality control
QDRquadrennial defense review
QHDAqualified hazardous duty area
QIPquick impact project
QOLquality of life
QRFquick reaction force; quick response force
QRPquick response posture
QSquality surveillance
QSTAGquadripartite standardization agreement
QUADCONquadruple container
R&Dresearch and development
R&Rrest and recuperation
R&Sreconstruction and stabilization
R2P2rapid response planning process
RAresponse action; risk analysis; risk assessment
RAC-OTreadiness assessment system - output tool
RADroutine aerial distribution
RADBNradio battalion
RADCregional air defense commander
RADCONradiological control team
RAFRoyal Air Force (UK)
RAMraised angle marker; random antiterrorism measure; rockets, artillery, and mortars
RAMCCregional air movement control center
RAPRadiological Assistance Program (DOE)
RAS-OTreadiness assessment system-output tool
RATErefine, adapt, terminate, execute
RBAreimbursable budget authority
RBCred blood cell
RCReserve Component; resident coordinator (UN)
RCAriot control agent
RCCregional contracting center; rescue coordination center
RCDregional collection detachment
RCEMregional contingency engineering management
RCIEDradio-controlled improvised explosive device
RCMRules for Courts-Martial
RCMPRoyal Canadian Mounted Police
RCOregional contracting office
RCTregimental combat team; rescue coordination team (USN)
RDCFPRegional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship Program
RDCTFPRegional Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program
RDDradiological dispersal device
RDOrequest for deployment order
RDT&Eresearch, development, test, and evaluation
REARapid Environmental Impact Assessment
REAC/TSradiation emergency assistance center/training site (DOE)
REDradiological exposure device
RED HORSErapid engineer deployable heavy operational repair squadron engineer
REFRapid Equipping Force (USA)
REPOLbulk petroleum contingency report
REPUNITreporting unit
RESradiation exposure status
RESCAPrescue combat air patrol
RESCORTrescue escort
RESPRODresponsible production
RFradio frequency; reserve force
RFArequest for assistance; restrictive fire area
RFCrequest for capabilities; revision final coordination
RF CMradio frequency countermeasures
RFDrevision first draft
RFFrequest for feedback; request for forces
RFIradio frequency interference; request for information
RFIDradio frequency identification
RFLrestrictive fire line
RFPrequest for proposal
RFSrequest for service; request for sourcing; request for support
RGSremote geospatial intelligence services
Rh(D)Rhesus (D antigen)
RHIBrigid hull inflatable boat
RICOregional interface control officer
RIKreplacement in kind
RLTregimental landing team
RMramp module; recovery mechanism; resource management; risk management
RMCrescue mission commander
RMPreligious ministry professional
RMTresponse management team
RNIFCRegional Narcotics Interagency Fusion Cell (USCENTCOM)
ROCrehearsal of concept
ROErules of engagement
ROICCresident officer in charge of construction
ROKRepublic of Korea
ROMrestriction of movement; rough order of magnitude
ROMOrange of military operations
RONremain overnight
ROSreduced operating status
ROTCReserve Officer Training Corps
ROWPUreverse osmosis water purification unit
ROZrestricted operations zone
RPreligious program specialist; retained personnel
RPGrocket propelled grenade
RPMrevolutions per minute
RPOrendezvous and proximity operations
RPOErapid port opening element
RQTrapid query tool
RRreattack recommendation
RRCCregional response coordination center
RRDFroll-on/roll-off discharge facility
RRFrapid response force; Ready Reserve Force
RRSremote replication system
RSreligious support
RSCregional service center; rescue sub-center
RSEretrograde support element
RSFrecovery support function
RSIrationalization, standardization, and interoperability
RSNrole specialist nation
RSOreception, staging, and onward movement; regional security officer; remote split operations
RSOIreception, staging, onward movement, and integration
RSSreally simple syndication
RSSCregional space support center
RSSC-LOregional space support center liaison officer
RSTreligious support team
RSTAreconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
RTrecovery team; rough terrain
RTBreturn to base
RTCCrough terrain container crane
RTCHrough terrain container handler
RTDreturned to duty
RTFreturn to force
RTLrestricted target list
RUFrules for the use of force
RWRradar warning receiver
618 AOC (TACC)618th Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center)
S&Rsearch and recovery
S&Tscience and technology; scientific and technical
S&TIscientific and technical intelligence
S-1battalion or brigade manpower and personnel staff officer; personnel officer/personnel office (USMC)
S-2battalion or brigade intelligence staff officer (USA); intelligence officer/intelligence office (USMC)
S-3battalion or brigade operations staff officer (USA); operations and training officer/operations and training office (USMC)
SAsecurity assistance; situational awareness; staging area
SAAsenior airfield authority
SAAFRstandard use Army aircraft flight route
SAAMspecial assignment airlift mission
SACspecial actions cell; supporting arms coordinator
SACCsupporting arms coordination center (USMC)
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander, Europe (NATO)
SACTSupreme Allied Commander Transformation
SADCsector air defense commander
SADLsituation awareness data link
SADOsenior air defense officer
SAFEsecure analyst file environment; selected area for evasion; sexual assault forensic examination
SAGsurface action group
SALMsingle-anchor leg mooring
SALTsupporting arms liaison team
SAMsurface-to-air missile
SAOsecurity assistance office; security assistance officer
SAPspecial access program
SAPOsubarea petroleum office
SAPRsexual assault prevention and response
SARsatellite access request; search and rescue; special access requirement; suspicious activity report; synthetic aperture radar
SARCsexual assault response coordinator
SARDOTsearch and rescue point
SARIRsearch and rescue incident report
SAROPSSearch and Rescue Optimal Planning System
SARREQsearch and rescue request
SARSATsearch and rescue satellite-aided tracking
SARSITsearch and rescue situation summary report
SATCOMsatellite communications
SAWGstrategic assessment working group
SBACPSouthern Border and Approaches Campaign Plan (DHS)
SBCTStryker brigade combat team
SBUsensitive but unclassified
SCsecurity cooperation
SCAsociocultural analysis; space coordinating authority; support to civil administration
SCARstrike coordination and reconnaissance
SCCservice cryptologic component; Service cyberspace component; shipping coordination center
SCC-WMDUnited States Strategic Command Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
SCF(US)Save the Children Federation (United States)
SCGSecurity Cooperation Guidance
SCHBTshape, clear, hold, build, and transition
SCIsensitive compartmented information
SCIFsensitive compartmented information facility
SCLstandard conventional load
SCMsecurity countermeasure; Service container manager
SCOsecondary control officer; security cooperation organization; senior contracting official; state coordinating officer
SCPsecurity cooperation plan; service control point
S/CRSOffice of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (DOS)
SCTshipping coordination team
S/CTOffice of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism (DOS)
SDsevere damage; strategy division
SDAsenior development advisor
SDBSatellite Communications Database; small diameter bomb
SDDCMilitary Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
SDDCTEAMilitary Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency
SDFself defense force
SDOsenior defense official; ship’s debarkation officer
SDOBSecretary of Defense Orders Book
SDO/DATTsenior defense official/defense attaché
SDPstrategic distribution platform
SDZself-defense zone
SEsite exploitation; spherical error
SEAships’ bunkers easy acquisition; Southeast Asia
SeabeeNavy construction engineer
SEADsuppression of enemy air defenses
SECsubmarine element coordinator
SECAFSecretary of the Air Force
SECARMYSecretary of the Army
SecDefSecretary of Defense
SECDHSSecretary of the Department of Homeland Security
SECHSSecretary of Homeland Security
SECNAVSecretary of the Navy
SECNAVINSTSecretary of the Navy instruction
SECOMPsecure en route communications package
SECSTATESecretary of State
SECTRANSSecretary of Transportation
SEFsealift enhancement feature
SELsenior enlisted leader
SELECSoutheast European Law Enforcement Center
SEMAspecial electronic mission aircraft
SEPLOstate emergency preparedness liaison officer
SEREsurvival, evasion, resistance, and escape
SESsenior executive service
SEWshared early warning
SEWOCsignals intelligence/electronic warfare operations centre (NATO)
SFspecial forces; standard form
SFAsecurity force assistance
SFAFstandard frequency action format
SFATspectrum flyaway team
SFCsingle-fuel concept
SFCPshore fire control party
SFGspecial forces group
SFMSspecial forces medical sergeant
SFORStabilization Force
SGsteering group; surgeon general
SGSstrategic guidance statement
SGXMHeadquarters, Air Mobility Command/Surgeon
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe
SHFsuper-high frequency
SHORADshort-range air defense
SHORADEZshort-range air defense engagement zone
SIUnited States Strategic Command strategic instruction
SICsupporting intelligence center
SICOsector interface control officer
SIDOsenior intelligence duty officer
SIFselective identification feature
SIGCONsignature control
SIGINTsignals intelligence
SIMsystem impact message
SIMLMsingle integrated medical logistics manager
SINCGARSsingle-channel ground and airborne radio system
SIOsenior intelligence officer
SIOCStrategic Information and Operations Center (FBI)
SIPRNETSECRET Internet Protocol Router Network
SIRspecific information requirement; Strategic Military Intelligence Review
SITREPsituation report
SIVspecial interest vessel
SJAstaff judge advocate
SJFHQ(CE)standing joint force headquarters (core element)
SJFHQ-Estanding joint force headquarters – elimination
SJOAspace joint operating area
SJSSecretary, Joint Staff
SLAspecial leave accrual
SLBMsubmarine-launched ballistic missile
SLCMsea-launched cruise missile
SLCPship lighterage control point; ship’s loading characteristics pamphlet
SLOspace liaison officer
SLOCsea line of communications
SLRPsurvey, liaison, and reconnaissance party
SLWTside loadable warping tug
SMspectrum management; standard missile
SMBspectrum management branch
SMCsearch and rescue mission coordinator
SMCAsingle manager for conventional ammunition
SMCMsurface mine countermeasures
SMEsubject matter expert
SMOsenior meteorological and oceanographic officer; strategic mobility office(r)
SMRCSpecialized Medical Response Capabilities
SMSSingle Mobility System
SMUspecial mission unit
SMWDCSurface and Mine Warfighting Development Center
SNserial number
SNAsocial network analysis
SNCOstaff noncommissioned officer
SNFstrategic nuclear forces
SOAspecial operations aviation (USA); sustained operations ashore
SOAGSspecial operations air-ground system
SO-ATPspecial operations-advanced tactical practitioner
SOCspecial operations commander
SOCCEspecial operations command and control element
SOCCETspecial operations critical care evacuation team
SOC-FWDspecial operations command-forward
SOCMspecial operations combat medic
SOCNORTHUnited States Special Operations Command, North
SOCPACSpecial Operations Command Pacific
SODspecial operations division
SOEspecial operations executive
SOFspecial operations forces
SOFAstatus-of-forces agreement
SOF-CFspecial operations forces-conventional forces
SOFLEspecial operations forces liaison element
SOGspecial operations group
SOIsignal operating instructions
SOICsenior officer of the intelligence community
SOJTFspecial operations joint task force
SOLEspecial operations liaison element
SOLOspecial operations liaison officer
SOMstructured observation management
SOMAstatus-of-mission agreement
SOMARDSStandard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System
SOMARDS NTStandard Operation and Maintenance Army Research and Development System Non-Technical
SOPstandard operating procedure
SORTIEALOTsortie allotment message
SORTSStatus of Resources and Training System
SOSBspecial operations support battalion
SOSTspecial operations support team
SOTAsignals intelligence operational tasking authority
SOTFspecial operations task force
SOWspecial operations wing; standoff weapon; statement of work
SPsecurity police
SPEsenior procurement executive
SPECATspecial category
SPGStrategic Planning Guidance
SPIsensor point of interest; special investigative (USAF)
SPINSspecial instructions
SPMservice postal manager; single port manager
SPMAGTFspecial purpose Marine air-ground task force
SPODseaport of debarkation
SPOEseaport of embarkation
SPOTSynchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker
SPOTREPspot report
SPPSecurity and Prosperity Partnership of North America; State Partnership Program
SRspecial reconnaissance
SRBMshort-range ballistic missile
SRGSeabee readiness group
SRMsustainment, restoration, and modernization
SROEstanding rules of engagement
SRRsearch and rescue region
SRSGspecial representative of the Secretary-General
SRUFstanding rules for the use of force
SSAsecurity sector assistance; software support activity; space situational awareness; special support activity (NSA); supply support activity
SSBsingle side band
SSCsmall scale contingency; special security center
SSCOshipper’s service control office
SSEspace support element
SSIstanding signal instruction
SSMsurface-to-surface missile
SSNSocial Security number
SSOspecial security office(r)
SSPMsingle-service postal manager
SSRsecurity sector reform
SSSSelective Service System
SSTspecial support team (National Security Agency)
SSTRstability, security, transition, and reconstruction
SSWGspace support working group
STshort ton; strike team
STANAGstandardization agreement (NATO)
STARsensitive target approval and review
STARSStandard Accounting and Reporting System
STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
S-Teamstaff augmentation team
STEPstandardized tactical entry point
STOspecial technical operations
STOLshort takeoff and landing
STONshort ton
STSspecial tactics squadron
STTspecial tactics team
STUsecure telephone unit
STWstrike warfare
STWCstrike warfare commander
SUBOPAUTHsubmarine operating authority
SUPPOsupply officer
SUROBSsurf observation
SUST BDEsustainment brigade
SUWsurface warfare
SUWCsurface warfare commander
SVCstored value card
SWshallow water
SWOstaff weather officer
SWPCSpace Weather Prediction Center
SYGSecretary-General (UN)
SYSCOMsystems command
SZsurf zone
2ERole 2 enhanced
2LMRole 2 light maneuver
2Xcounterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
T&Etest and evaluation
T2technology transfer
TAtarget acquisition; target audience; technical arrangement; theater Army; threat assessment
TAAtactical assembly area; target audience analysis
TAACOMtheater Army area command
TAAMDCOORDtheater Army air and missile defense coordinator
TACterminal attack control
TAC(A)tactical air coordinator (airborne)
TACAIRtactical air
TACANtactical air navigation
TACCtanker airlift control center
TAC-Dtactical deception
TACOtheater allied contracting office
TACONtactical control
TACOPDATtactical operational data
TACPtactical air control party
TACRONtactical air control squadron
T-ACSauxiliary crane ship
TACStactical air control system; theater air control system
TACSATtactical satellite
TACTtactical aviation control team
TADtactical air direction; temporary additional duty (non-unit- related personnel); theater air defense
TADCtactical air direction center
TAFtactical air force
TAFTtechnical assistance field team
TAGtechnical assistance group; the adjutant general
TAGStheater air-ground system
T-AHhospital ship
TAItarget area of interest
T-AKRfast logistics ship
TAMPTransitional Assistance Management Program
TAOtactical air officer
TAOCtactical air operations center (USMC)
TARtactical air request
TARWItarget weather and intelligence
TASKORDtasking order
TASWCtheater antisubmarine warfare commander
TATtactical analysis team; technical assistance team
TATCtactical air traffic control
T-AVBaviation logistics support ship
TBCtheater business clearance
TBMtheater ballistic missile
TBMCStheater battle management core system
TBMDtheater ballistic missile defense
TB MEDtechnical bulletin medical
TB(X)transportation brigade (expeditionary)
TCtraining circular
TCAtraditional combatant commander activity
TC-AIMS IITransportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for Movement System II
TCCtransportation component command; troop contributing country
TCCCtactical combat casualty care
TCCETtactical critical care evacuation team
TCCTtactical critical care transport
TCEMtheater contingency engineering management
TCFtactical combat force
TCMtheater construction manager; theater container manager
TCMDtransportation control and movement document
TCNthird country national; transportation control number
TCOtermination contracting officer; transnational criminal organization
TCPEDtasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination
TCStheater communications system
TCSGUnited States Transportation Command, Office of the Command Surgeon
TCSPtheater consolidation and shipping point
TDtheater distribution; tie down
TDCtarget development cell
TDCPtheater distribution campaign plan
TDDtime-definite delivery
TDFtheater detention facility
TDLtactical data link
TDNtactical data network; target development nomination
TDPtheater distribution plan
TDRCtheater detainee reporting center
TDYtemporary duty
TEATransportation Engineering Agency
TECtheater engineer command
TECHCONtechnical control
TECHELINTtechnical electronic intelligence
TECHINTtechnical intelligence
TEDACTerrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (FBI)
TEMPERtent extendible modular personnel
TENCAPtactical exploitation of national capabilities program
TEOteam embarkation officer
TEPtheater engagement plan
TERCOMterrain contour matching
TETtargeting effects team
TETKTeleEngineering Toolkit
TEUtechnical escort unit; twenty-foot equivalent unit
TEWLSTheater Enterprise Wide Logistics System
TFtask force
TFCthreat finance cell
TFCICAtask force counterintelligence coordinating authority
TFEtactical field exchange; threat finance exploitation
TFFtotal force fitness
TFIthreat finance intelligence
TFMS-MTransportation Financial Management System-Military
TGtask group; technical guide
TGMterminally guided munitions
TGOterminal guidance operations
THAADTerminal High Altitude Area Defense
THOCtheater head of contracting
THTtactical human intelligence team
THXtheater express
TIthreat identification
TIAtheater intelligence assessment
TIBtheater intelligence brigade; toxic industrial biological
TICtarget information center; toxic industrial chemical
TIDETerrorist Identities Datamart Environment
TIMtoxic industrial material
TIOtarget intelligence officer
TIPtarget intelligence package; trafficking in persons
TIRtoxic industrial radiological
TJAGthe judge advocate general
T-JTBtheater-joint transportation board
TLAtheater logistics analysis
TLAMTomahawk land-attack missile
TLAMMtheater lead agent for medical materiel
TLEtarget location error
TLMtarget list management; topographic line map
TLOtheater logistics overview
TMtarget materials; technical manual
TMAOtheater mortuary affairs office; theater mortuary affairs officer
TMDtheater missile defense
TMEPtheater mortuary evacuation point
TMIPtheater medical information program
TMMtransregional, multi-domain, and multifunctional
TMOtraffic management office; transportation management office
T/M/Stype, model, and/or series
TMTtime-phased force and deployment data management tool
TNCCtheater network operations control center
TNLtarget nomination list
TOtechnical order; theater of operations
TO&Etable of organization and equipment
TOAtable of allowance; transfer of authority
TOCtactical operations center; transnational organized crime
TODtactical ocean data
TOFtime of flight
TOItrack of interest
TOPINTtechnical operational intelligence
TORterm of reference
TOStime on station
TOTtime on target
TPtransportation priority
TPEtheater provided equipment
TPEDtasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination; theater personal effects depot
TPFDDtime-phased force and deployment data
TPFDLtime-phased force and deployment list
TPMRCUnited States Transportation Command patient movement requirements center
TPPtheater posture plan
TPTtactical petroleum terminal
TQtactical questioning
TRAtechnical review authority
TRAC2ESUnited States Transportation Command Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System
TRADOCUnited States Army Training and Doctrine Command
Trans BDEtransportation brigade
Trans Det RPOtransportation detachment rapid port opening
TRANSECtransmission security
TRAPtactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (USMC); tactical related applications
TRIADSTri-Wall Aerial Distribution System
TRICONtriple container
TROtraining and readiness oversight
TROPOtropospheric scatter
TRPtarget reference point
TStime-sensitive; top secret
TSAtarget system analysis; Transportation Security Administration (DHS)
TSCtheater security cooperation; theater support command; theater sustainment command (USA)
TSCIFtemporary sensitive compartmented information facility
TSCMtechnical surveillance countermeasures
TSCPtheater security cooperation plan
TSOCtactical special operations command; theater special operations command
TSStarget sensing system
TSSAtransitional security sector assistance
TSTterminal support team; time-sensitive target
TSWAtemporary secure working area
TT&Ctelemetry, tracking, and commanding
TTABTechnical Training Acceptance Board
TTANtransportation tracking account number
TTDtactical terrain data
TTLtagging, tracking, and locating
TTNtransportation tracking number
TTPtactics, techniques, and procedures; trailer transfer point
TTTtime to target
TTUtransportation terminal unit
TUtask unit
TUCHAtype unit characteristics file
TW&Athreat warning and assessment
TWCFTransportation Working Capital Fund
TWDStactical water distribution system
TYCOMtype commander
UAunmanned aircraft
UARunconventional assisted recovery
UARCCunconventional assisted recovery coordination cell
UASunmanned aircraft system
UAVunmanned aerial vehicle
UCMJUniform Code of Military Justice
UCPUnified Command Plan
UCTunderwater construction team
UDLunit deployment list
UEWRupgraded early warning radar
UFACUnderground Facilities Analysis Center
UFCUnified Facilities Criteria
UFOultrahigh frequency follow-on
UGAungoverned area
UGIRHUrban Generic Information Requirements Handbook
UGOunified geospatial-intelligence operations
UHFultrahigh frequency
UICunit identification code
UJTLUniversal Joint Task List
UKUnited Kingdom
ULNunit line number
ULSDultra-low sulfur diesel
UMCMunderwater mine countermeasures
UMDunit movement data
UMMIPSUniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
UMOunit movement officer
UMSunmanned system
UNUnited Nations
UNCLOSUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
UN CMCoordUnited Nations humanitarian civil-military coordination
UNCTUnited Nations country team
UNDurgency of need designator
UNDACUnited Nations disaster assessment and coordination
UNDFSUnited Nations Department of Field Support
UN-DMTUnited Nations disaster management team
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNDPKOUnited Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations
UNEPUnited Nations environment programme
UNHASUnited Nations Humanitarian Air Service
UNHCHRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNHQUnited Nations Headquarters
UNICEFUnited Nations Children’s Fund
UNITAFunified task force
UNMEMUnited Nations military expert on mission
UNOunit number
UNOCHAUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UNODCUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
UNOSOMUnited Nations Operations in Somalia
UNPAUnited Nations Participation Act
UNPROFORUnited Nations protection force
UNSCUnited Nations Security Council
UNSCRUnited Nations Security Council resolution
UNSGUnited Nations Secretary-General
UONurgent operational need
UP&TTunit personnel and tonnage table
URLuniform resource locater
URNunit reference number
US&Rurban search and rescue
USAUnited States Army
USACEUnited States Army Corps of Engineers
USACFSCUnited States Army Community and Family Support Center
USACHPPMUnited States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
USACIDCUnited States Army Criminal Investigation Command
USAEDSUnited States Atomic Energy Detection System
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAFEUnited States Air Forces in Europe
USAFRUnited States Air Force Reserve
USAFRICOMUnited States Africa Command
USAFSOSUnited States Air Force Special Operations School
USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development
USAMCUnited States Army Materiel Command
USAMMAUnited States Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAMRICDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
USAMRIIDUnited States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
USAMRMCUnited States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
USAPHCUnited States Army Public Health Center
USARUnited States Army Reserve
USARCENTUnited States Army, Central Command
USARDECOMUnited States Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command
USAREURUnited States Army, European Command
USARNORTHUnited States Army, North
USARPACUnited States Army, Pacific Command
USARSOUnited States Army, Southern Command
USASMDC/ARSTRATUnited States Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command
USASOCUnited States Army Special Operations Command
US BICESUnited States Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System
US BICES-XUnited States Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System Extended
USCUnited States Code; universal service contract
USCENTCOMUnited States Central Command
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USCGRUnited States Coast Guard Reserve
USCISUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Services
USCSUnited States Cryptologic System
USCYBERCOMUnited States Cyber Command
USD(A&S)Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
USDAOUnited States defense attaché office
USD(C)Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
USD(I)Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
USD(P)Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
USD(P&R)Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
USELEMNORADUnited States Element, North American Aerospace Defense Command
USERIDuser identification
USERRAUniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
USEUCOMUnited States European Command
USFFUnited States Fleet Forces Command
USFKUnited States Forces, Korea
USGUnder-Secretary-General; United States Government
USGSUnited States Geological Survey
USINDOPACOMUnited States Indo-Pacific Command
USIPUnited States Institute of Peace
USLOUnited States liaison office
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USMCRUnited States Marine Corps Reserve
USMILGPUnited States military group
USMLUnited States Munitions List
USMOGUnited States Military Observer Group
USMOG-WUnited States Military Observer Group - Washington
USMSUnited States Marshals Service
USMTFUnited States message text format
USNUnited States Navy
USNAVSOUS Naval Forces Southern Command
USNMRUnited States national military representative
USNOUnited States Naval Observatory
USNORTHCOMUnited States Northern Command
USNRUnited States Navy Reserve
USNSUnited States Naval Ship
USPHSUnited States Public Health Service (DHHS)
USPSUnited States Postal Service
USSOCOMUnited States Special Operations Command
USSOUTHCOMUnited States Southern Command
USSSUnited States Secret Service (DHS)
USSTRATCOMUnited States Strategic Command
USTRANSCOMUnited States Transportation Command
USUNUnited States Mission to the United Nations
USWundersea warfare
UTCCoordinated Universal Time; unit type code
UTMuniversal transverse mercator
UTOunit table of organization
UUVunmanned underwater vehicle; unmanned underwater vessel
UWunconventional warfare
UXOunexploded explosive ordnance; unexploded ordnance
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs; victim advocate; vulnerability assessment
VAAPvulnerability assessment and assistance program
VBIEDvehicle-borne improvised explosive device
VBSSvisit, board, search, and seizure
VCJCSVice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
VDLvideo downlink
VEvertical error; violent extremism
VEEVenezuelan equine encephalitis
VEOviolent extremist organization
VERTREPvertical replenishment
VFRvisual flight rules
VFSvalidating flight surgeon
VHFvery high frequency
VIvisual information
VIDvisual identification
VIPvery important person
VIPPSAvery important personnel protection support activity
VIRINvisual information record identification number
VIRSverbally initiated release system
VISAVoluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement
VISION IDvisual information professional identifier
VLFvery low frequency
VMapvector map
VMAQMarine tactical electronic warfare squadron
VMCvisual meteorological conditions
VMFvariable message format
VMIvendor managed inventory
VODvertical onboard delivery
VPVvirtual prime vendor
VS&PTvehicle summary and priority table
VSWvery shallow water
VTAvoluntary tanker agreement
VTCvideo teleconferencing
VTOLvertical takeoff and landing
VTOL-UASvertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft system
WADSWestern Air Defense Sector
WAIweather area of interest
WANwide-area network
WANGOWorld Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
WARMwartime reserve mode
WARNORDwarning order
WARPweb-based access and retrieval portal
WASwide area surveillance
WASPwar air service program
WBGTIwet bulb globe temperature index
WBIEDwaterborne improvised explosive device
WCEweapons of mass destruction coordination element
WCOWorld Customs Organization
WCSweapons control status
WDCOwell deck control officer
Web SMWeb Scheduling and Movement
WETMweather team
WEUWestern European Union
WEZweapon engagement zone
WFPWorld Food Programme (UN)
WGworking group
WGSWideband Global Satellite Communications
WGS 84World Geodetic System 1984
WHNSwartime host-nation support
WHOWorld Health Organization (UN)
WIAwounded in action
WIFWales Initiative Fund
WITweapons intelligence team
WLGWashington Liaison Group
WMDweapons of mass destruction
WMD-CSTweapons of mass destruction-civil support team
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
WMPAir Force War and Mobilization Plan
WOCwing operations center (USAF)
WODwind-over deck
WOTwar on terrorism
WPwhite phosphorous; working party
WPBCoast Guard patrol boat
WPRWar Powers Resolution
WRAOffice of Weapons Removal and Abatement (DOS); weapons release authority
WRAIRWalter Reed Army Institute of Research
WRMwar reserve materiel
WRSwar reserve stock
WRSAwar reserve stocks for allies
WSweather squadron
WSESRBWeapon System Explosive Safety Review Board
WSMwaterspace management
WSRweapon system reliability
WSVweapons system video
WTwarping tug
WTIweapons technical intelligence
WWIIWorld War II
WWXworldwide express
XCDSextracted container delivery system
XMPPextensible messaging and presence protocol
XOexecutive officer
ZFzone of fire
ZULUtime zone indicator for Universal Time

Source: DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.